EPIC: Watch DeSantis Flex His State While Trolling California’s Shipping Bottlenecks

Written by Wes Walker on October 20, 2021

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While the White House desperately spins their supply chain crisis as proof of what a great job they are doing, Gov DeSantis has a very different message in response to it.

Team Biden bragged that this is part of the really wonderful and successful Biden economy. Inflation is a ‘high-class’ problem.

Let’s all remember that point when he tries to blame Trump when this same economy he’s bragging about takes exactly the path every conservative tried to warn him it would take if he ramped up spending, red tape, and taxes while killing our energy independence and imposing arbitrary restrictions on the economy.

Why did they have to run this spin?

Because empty shelves were starting to go viral. Stores are beginning to limit the number of products their customers can purchase. And the supply chains on which those stores rely to restock them are now severely disrupted.

Images like this one with a backlog of ships waiting to unload their cargo is making life harder for the spinmeisters. Especially when people familiar with the situation are sharing some ‘inconvenient truths’ about where exactly the problem came from.

Government red tape?

What. A. Surprise.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is happy to remind Newsom that not every state is so badly mismanaged as California is. Florida will be more than happy to take any overflow that California cannot handle. In fact, he’s invested big money in new ports with plenty of capacity.

It’s not empty boasting either. Some have already made the switch.

Meanwhile, Biden’s guy is on the job solving the crisis. Or he will be, right after he comes back from his maternity leave.

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