Blameshifting Biden Pins The Devastating September Jobs Report On COVID (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 9, 2021

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When Biden was running for office, he promised to be all the things that Trump was not. Mission accomplished.

Under President Trump, the economy was booming, unemployment was down, gas prices were low, and we were an oil exporter for the first time in 70 years… and then the virus from Wuhan hit.

A lot of those tremendous gains were lost.

Joe Biden, the Shambling Husk of Mediocrity, capitalized on that — as well as the media-induced pandemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome –while he hid in his basement, called Trump and his supporters racist, and pretended that he would govern as a moderate Democrat.

One of his big pitches to the terrified, quadruple-masked leftists who can’t seem to assess risk, was that he would “shut down the virus” and not the economy.

Just one week ago, we see that he hasn’t been able to “shut down the virus” despite Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that brought multiple vaccines into use within a year.

But as we saw on Friday, for the second straight month, the jobs report has fallen well below what was anticipated.

Jobs Number MASSIVE Disappointment — Media Echo Chamber Polishes The Turd

The President who invokes that old Truman line, “the buck stops here,” is constantly blameshifting in a way that would make Hillary Clinton blush.

On Friday, Clueless Joe was quick to point to COVID as the reason that the numbers were more than half of what they were expected to be.

President Joe Biden on Friday attributed the disappointing September jobs report to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but sought to frame the new data as steady progress toward the nation’s economic recovery.

In a speech at the White House, Biden pointed to the specific week when the survey for the monthly jobs report was done as one reason the number of jobs added in September fell below expectations.

“Today’s report is based on a survey that was taken during the week of September 13. Not today, September the 13th — when Covid cases were average more than 150,000 per day,” Biden said. “Since then, we’ve seen the daily cases fall by more than one-third and they’re continuing to trend down, and we’re continuing to make progress.”

In a troubling sign that Covid is still disrupting the economy, the new jobs report indicates that US employers added only 194,000 jobs in September.

September marked the second-straight month in which the US economy added far fewer jobs than expected. Jobs growth slowed down dramatically in August.
Source: CNN

We are told that President Biden spoke at the White House, but… that seems unlikely. He’s been making his speeches from a stage set up in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the White House.

But here is what he said straight from the horse’s ass mouth:

It’s weird that he’s trying to take a victory lap here.

It couldn’t have anything to do with Democrat policies, could it? Like, oh, I don’t know… incentivizing people to stay home and not work?

To paraphrase Solzhenitsyn, “We know they are incompetent, they know they are incompetent, they know we know they are incompetent, we know they know we know they are incompetent, but they are still incompetent.”

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