CHICAGOLAND: Murder Is A-OK In Chicago If Both Parties Are Engaged In ‘Mutual Combat’

Written by K. Walker on October 7, 2021

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Did the Chicago District Attorney’s Office just admit that their policy is to allow DUELS?

The Chicago DA’s office basically just said, “To hell with public safety if both parties agree to fight.”

Does that seem like it’s in the interest of the community as a whole?

The rampant gang violence in the area is being compared to “the Wild West” and a recent incident that resulted in no charges is illustrating just how apt this comparison is.

On October 3, at around 10:30, two rival factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang got into a shoot-out in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood on the city’s West Side.

There was some sort of dispute between two factions and it ended with one shooter dead and two people injured.

The shootout began when the Body Snatchers faction of the Four Corner Hustlers rolled up in two Dodge Chargers (likely stolen since one had dealer plates and the other had no plates at all,) to the Jack Boys faction and “exchanged words.” The Body Snatchers circled the block and when they returned, at least three members of the faction jumped out and opened fire on a house. More than 70 shell casings were found outside the home, but, as the Chicago Sun-Times notes, “that likely doesn’t reflect the number of shots that were fired from inside.”

The shooting was caught on video and you can see that police were immediately at the scene:

The incident was captured on a police POD camera. While the Body Snatchers took off once cops arrived, one of the cars was “found engulfed in flames” near the scene, the other was spotted dropping off one of the injured members at a hospital. After a brief chase, the 20-year old driver crashed the car and was apprehended.

Meanwhile, the Jack Boys faction refused to leave the home or cooperate with police. This resulted in a standoff that required SWAT team intervention.

When the dust settled, Chicago P.D. had apprehended five individuals that had been involved, and yet… prosecutors declined to lay charges.

The source said police sought to charge all five suspects with murder and aggravated battery. By Sunday morning, a Chicago police spokeswoman acknowledged the suspects had “been released without charges.”

In a statement later Sunday, Cristina Villareal, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, explained that prosecutors had “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges.” Police officials agreed with the decision, Villareal added.

While she wouldn’t specify what other evidence prosecutors needed to file charges, the police report acknowledged that victims of the shootout weren’t cooperating with investigators.

But the report also framed the state’s attorney’s office’s decision to decline charges in a different light: “Mutual combatants was cited as the reason for the rejection.” Mutual combat is a legal term used to define a fight or struggle that two parties willingly engage in.

Last week, Cook County prosecutors came under fire after reportedly making a similar argument after a teenager was stabbed to death during a fight in Schaumburg. The family of the victim, 18-year-old Manuel Porties Jr., later told WGN that prosecutors specifically said they weren’t charging the 17-year-old suspect with murder because the fatal fight amounted to mutual combat.

Meanwhile, as the city grapples with a spate of rolling shootouts that have erupted over the past week, the law enforcement source raised concerns that the rejection could encourage more brash violence. Much like those shootouts, the narrative of Saturday’s gun battle in Austin was reminiscent of an action movie scene.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

So… if both parties agree to a gang shootout in broad daylight, captured on video, with police and witnesses, and the SWAT team is later involved… they’re allowed to do that and they won’t be charged?

Things are very different in Chicago, apparently.

This decision by Prosecutors to not charge the gang members is causing a lot of tension between the Mayor’s office and the District Attorney’s office.

Mayor Lightfoot has called it “unacceptable” that charges weren’t laid.

On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot along with five West Side Aldermen wrote a letter to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx asking her to reconsider the decision not to bring felony charges. “Giving these kinds of violent offenders a pass when their crime is fully captured on video and with police on the scene is simply unacceptable,” they wrote.


Kim Foxx, who became prominent in Jussie Smollett hate hoax case because of her refusal to prosecute him for his lies…

The Goofy Prosecutor Who Let Jussie Smollett Walk Just Got Some BAD NEWS

…has said that it isn’t her job just to “make an arrest but it is also to get a conviction” and that despite the cameras, witnesses, and police on the scene… they just didn’t have enough evidence to do that.

But then, Kim Foxx doesn’t appear to be very good at her job.

Since she’s taken office in 2016, Foxx said there have been 13,374 shootings across the city of Chicago through July of this year – but only 2,447 have resulted in an arrest. The state’s attorney also criticized Area 5 detectives for allegedly leaking information to the media in the past.

It was Area 5 detectives who have been at odds with Foxx in months past after her office declined to prosecute several high-profile cases, including the shootings of National Guard member Chrys Carvajal in July and 7-year-old Serenity Broughton in August, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
Source: Fox News

Or maybe she’s doing a great job… after all, she’s the first of the George Soros-backed “rogue” District Attorneys who are wreaking havoc in major cities across the country.

The Washington Post wrote that back in early 2016, Soros had “plunked $300,000 into a PAC created to elect Kim Foxx as the state’s attorney of Cook County, Ill.”

His investment seems to be paying off.

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