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Climate Cultists Blame ‘Global Stilling’ For The Wind Turbines Not Producing Energy — No, This Is Not Satire

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The far-left Gaia worshippers say that the “Climate Crisis” is responsible for floods, droughts, forest fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and now… the slowing of global wind speeds.

Is there nothing that “climate change” doesn’t affect?

Industry experts are warning that climate change may have caused wind speeds in Europe to plummet this year in news that threatens to drive energy prices even higher.

Long labelled as a saviour of the energy industry, wind farms have cropped up across the continent in recent years and have been billed a low-cost, renewable and dependable source of power…

…Experts are blaming a growing phenomenon known as ‘global stilling’ – whereby measurable wind speeds across the world’s continental surfaces have decreased by as much as 15 per cent since 1980.

A “growing phenomenon”… sure it is.

I’m old enough to remember when climate grifter and former Vice President Al Gore insisted that lower Manhattan, San Francisco, and half of Florida would be underwater by now because of the terrifying melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica.

That didn’t happen.

Frankly, the climate hysterics have been 0 for 50 in half a century of their Chicken Little-like predictions of an “eco-pocalypse”.

But they are the Experts™ and we are to bow and scrape to the Expert class.

Atmosphere expert Professor Paul Williams, of the University of Reading, told the Financial Times that winds have ‘generally weakened over land over the past few decades’.

He said one explanation for plummeting wind speeds could be ‘human-related climate change’, that would see poles warming ‘faster than tropics in lower atmosphere’ areas.

Prof Williams said: ‘This would have the effect of weakening the mid-latitude north-south temperature difference and consequently reducing the thermal wind at low altitudes.’

“One explanation for plummeting wind speeds could be ‘human-related climate change’…” Oh. So it’s a theory.

Let’s just file that with the other climate theories by the “experts”, shall we?

The “Green” shift to wind and solar and away from fossil fuels in recent years is now finally seeing the fit hit the shan, so to speak.

The wind isn’t reliable, and as we become more reliant on electronics, we will continue to need more energy.

So, I’m no expert, I’m some schlub that goes clickety-clack on a keyboard for a living. But it seems to me, having “wind farms” filled with those ghastly and hydrocarbon-filled wind turbines that are not “green” in their production, have caused environmental damage where they’re placed, kill birds and bats, and are bloody expensive to boot… maybe having hundreds of these things harnessing the wind might themselves be affecting wind currents by causing a type of windbreak. Ya think? Maybe? Perhaps?

In 2013 research, Keith described how each wind turbine creates a “wind shadow” behind it where air has been slowed down by the turbine’s blades. Today’s commercial-scale wind farms carefully space turbines to reduce the impact of these wind shadows, but given the expectation that wind farms will continue to expand as demand for wind-derived electricity increases, interactions and associated climatic impacts cannot be avoided.
Source: SciTechDaily

Oh, would you look at that!

The former Drama teacher could figure that one out while the Experts™ are claiming it’s your car or internet porn, but they don’t really like to talk about that too much… just as they don’t condemn the elites for their private jets and yachts.

Yes, the pretty, Hollywood people jetting off from L.A. to NYC for the Met Gala get a pass for their “good intentions,” but your 2015 Toyota Corolla you use for your commute is “literally killing the planet!”

In recent years, Britain has been relying more and more on wind as an energy source, but it is down dramatically. As late as September, the National Grid reported that wind power provided less than 3 percent of the UK’s total electricity generation — compared with annual averages of 18 percent.

How many effing wind turbines do you need to produce 18 percent of the energy for the entire United Kingdom?!

According to Statista, the UK has 2316 offshore wind turbines and 1140 onshore ones on wind farms all across the country. As a reminder, the United Kingdom is one-fortieth the size of the United States. 

Onshore plants still account for the greatest share of capacity installed, there being nearly 1,500 wind farms spread across the country. However, despite the difference in offshore capacity being significantly lower, offshore turbines generated close to the same amount of electricity and heat in terms of energy generation.

source: Statista

After the end of almost two years of lockdowns, there is an energy crisis beginning in Europe. The U.K. has been badly hit with rising energy costs as the demand increases and there has been a collapse of at least a dozen energy suppliers due to the steep rise in wholesale energy prices and tariff caps placed on the industry in large part as an incentive to “go green.”

This means that the cost of energy is skyrocketing in the United Kingdom… and it isn’t even winter yet.

Gee, if only the United States was still able to export fuel… but alas, with Biden at the helm and his disdain for fossil fuels and pipelines, we are in for the same as the U.K.

But there is one person that’s grinning from ear-to-ear with this news… Vladimir Putin is poised to cash in nicely on this situation thanks to his American buddy, Clueless Joe Biden.

Gas is in high demand due to the reopening of the global economy, colder temperatures, and reduced wind and solar output due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Russia – a major exporter – has slashed the amount it sends to Europe.
Source: Daily Mail

Putin has got Nordstream 2 almost complete thanks to the “adults” who are back in charge in America. It’s such a relief that the sitting President isn’t helping Vladimir Putin build Russia’s petrol economy while holding our allies at gunpoint… oh, wait…

Biden isn’t Putin’s puppy… it’s more like he’s Putin’s bitch.

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