CNN Sounds Alarm As Public Grows Tired Of Biden’s Big-Government Agenda

Written by Wes Walker on October 15, 2021

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CNN’s criticism of Dems serves a different purpose than their criticism of Republicans — it’s usually a warning to Dems they need to tweak policies that are costing them public support.

The classic example of this would be CNN’s shameless support of the ‘mostly peaceful’ riots burning down cities in 2020 until that infamous moment when one of their clowns (Don Lemon, was it?) finally said the quiet part out loud: riots are hurting Democrat poll numbers.

Suddenly, it was ok to talk about riots. Talking heads called riots unproductive and just like that, some of the groups responsible for whipping up the riots in the first place backed off as part of that ‘fortifying the election‘ for Biden process we heard about.

Are we seeing CNN running a similar play with the Biden Administration’s aggressively big-government election? Is this a case of ‘reporting the news’ or is this an instance of CNN trying to protect Democrats from losing the public goodwill?

Chris Cilizza, editor at large for CNN, is no friend to Republican policies and positions. He gave a defense for Biden not resigning after the massive failures in Afghanistan cost American lives. So why is he writing headlines like this one?

“This is bad news for Joe Biden”

Is he telling this story in the context of it being ‘bad news’ for Biden because he is being critical of Joe Biden’s actual failures, or is Chris trying to protect the Democrat brand among a public that is increasingly tired of government meddling in every aspect of our lives?

This is at least the second time he has called Joe a ‘radical president’ in going all in on the big government agenda. (He links to an earlier one at the beginning of this article.) He is making the case (correctly) that the legislation Biden and Pelosi are trying to slam through without any clear mandate will fundamentally change the relationship American citizens have with their government. “In short: The era of small government (such as it ever existed) would be over. The era of expansive government would begin.”

He raises that as a concern… one that ClashDaily writers have also raised.

Here’s where it gets interesting. He could make his points based on the merits or problems of the policy. But that’s not the direction he took. He pointed to polls and the fact that the American public is increasingly rejecting the Nanny State model.

Did he do it to report the news? Or is he calling on Democrats to course-correct before they get wiped out in the Midterms?

In the poll, just 43% said they wanted government to “do more to solve the country’s problems,” while 54% said they thought that government “is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.”
That’s a MAJOR shift in public opinion from where we were just one year ago, when 54% — a record high in Gallup polling — said they wanted government to do more to solve the country’s problems.
That reaction, quite clearly, was the result of the Covid-19 pandemic — and a general desire for the federal government to do whatever it could to get the country through the worst of it.

…That swing away from more government involvement — especially among independents — has to be a major concern for Biden and his party as they a) work to push through these two giant pieces of government-growing legislation and b) seek to hold their House and Senate majorities in November 2022.
The Point: Biden made a big bet on big government. Right now it’s not looking so great. –CNN

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