COLD BLOOD: Cop Murdered On 1st Day Of Work … Because He Arrested Gunman’s Friend

Written by Wes Walker on October 11, 2021

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Most of us have our own ‘first day of work’ horror stories. But unlike 26-yo Dylan Harrison, most of our stories don’t end with the presentation of a folded flag.

How did his first day on the force go so horribly, horribly wrong?

Well, he was working the overnight shift, and late Friday, he arrested an unnamed suspect. That incident looked like this:

The rookie cop, who was on his first part-time shift with the agency on Friday evening, had stopped the unnamed suspect for a traffic violation in the parking lot of the Circle K, just across the street from the police station, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When Harrison asked the man for his identification, he refused to comply, according to GBI Special Agent in Charge Lindsey Wilkes. After a verbal argument erupted, the man ended up pushing the rookie officer.

Harrison then used his taser against on the suspect, who he said did not comply when he attempted to place him under arrest.

The suspect was eventually arrested and booked at Wheeler County Jail. —DailyMail

Pretty straightforward? Not exactly.

According to reports, his friend, Damien ‘Luke’ Anthony Ferguson, 43, took that arrest personally, and came looking for the cop who hauled his buddy off to jail.

The murder, according to police, was a deliberate act of revenge by a known associate of the arrestee.

‘The man arrested is a known associate of Damien Ferguson. It is believed that the ambush-style attack on Officer Harrison was retaliation for the incident and arrest of the man on Friday night at the Circle K,’ Special Agent Wilkes said in a statement Sunday.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety said Sunday that Ferguson was arrested less than a mile from where an officer was killed Saturday.

He was taken down ‘without incident’ by the State of Georgia’s SWAT team after a brief search. —DailyMail

Dylan Harrison leaves behind a widow and 6-month-old daughter. He was the 5th cop in Georgia to have been killed in the line of duty so far this year.