COVID Hits Recreational Hockey League Hard … Here’s What The News Gets Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2021

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On the surface, this event looks like exactly the kind of story the lockdown fearmongers want the world to know about so they can generate the panic needed for the public to embrace more control.

That’s the superficial reading of this story. Things change a little when you look more closely.

Let’s start with the basic reporting itself.

One team from a recreational hockey league in Toronto became ground zero for another outbreak of the virus that shut down the world. Tragically, the outbreak led to the death of an otherwise healthy 75-year-old man, Garry Weston.

Weston was one of 15 ‘over-fifty’ players in a 3-on-3 league who became infected while playing.

Canada’s government-owned news agency, the CBC, published an article that described Weston’s sudden and fast decline, a massive and debilitating stroke, his being on a ventilator, and a decision to take him off life support because, in his daughter’s words, ‘He wouldn’t be able to live like that.’

That alone would raise obvious questions about whether Gary was, or otherwise would have been, a COVID casualty if medical aid had run its course.

As for all the other infected people? They’re just fine.

The rest of the hockey players who contracted the virus recovered well, as did several of Weston-Campbell’s family members who got sick after her father did. –CBC

So how could this possibly happen? Was this the fault of lax safety measures? Was this a secret meeting among unvaccinated renegades who blow off safety precautions? Did the building itself flaunt the rules?

Nope. None of those are the case.

The article addresses their vaccine status directly: ‘All are considered breakthrough infections because they were among fully vaccinated people, the health unit said.’

What about the building?

Andrew Shorkey, general manager of National Training Rink, said strict protocols were in place to keep players and rink staff safe.

All players were required to fill out a waiver declaring they weren’t experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and to prove they were fully vaccinated before being allowed to enter the building, he said.

But Shorkey acknowledged some of the protections hinged on the honesty and vigilance of the players themselves.

They have the grieving family members reaffirm their belief in the vaccines, despite their dad having, we are told, died from the one virus all of this was designed to protect us from.

Without realizing it, this news story just blew a giant hole in the official narrative.

First, this story completely removed those evil, dirty unvaccinated people from the equation. How many times have we heard, like in the case of Colin Powell, that some unvaccinated person was the reason the good and vaccinated Colin Powell got sick. The media can’t play that game here, because we have isolated the source of the superspreader event to a controlled environment in which proof of vaccination was a requirement to even enter the building.

Second, it challenged the key official arguments given to the undecided about why they really should bend the knee and get the vaccine.

We have been assured that vaccines are good for three reasons. One, they keep the vaccinated person safe. Two, they keep others safe. And three, even if the vaccinated person does get sick, it protects you from the worst effects.

Last we checked, death is pretty much the end of the line for any illness.

Third, it challenged the rationale behind the safety protocols and other hoops we’ve been jumping though for the last 2 years.

These guys did ‘all the right things’ and it STILL didn’t prevent a super-spreader event from happening among the most careful people you could hope to find.

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park with Jeff Goldbloom warning that no matter how careful you think you are, we can’t possibly account for all the variables and bring risk down to zero?

It’s almost as though he’s speaking directly to our risk-averse protection experts today.

There’s a pithy line we’ve been hearing from the beginning.

It scoffs at the idea that human ‘experts’ have any hope of bringing this down to zero infections.

‘Virus gonna virus.’

Is it time to admit that maybe they’re right, and we have to just figure out a way that everyone can go back to something we all used to take for granted? We live in a world full of both known and unknown dangers, and that we can make our own rational decisions about risk and reward, the way we always have.