DOJ Criminalizes PARENTS Protesting Schools While WH Defends Sinema’s Harassers

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2021

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If Joe Biden is effectively Obama’s Third Term, with many of 44’s former staffers, it should surprise nobody if other agencies adopt the dirty tricks Obama’s FBI and IRS were caught red-handed performing.

It was in the Oval office that VP Joe Biden himself wanted the government hit General Flynn with a baseless criminal charge for ‘Logan Act’ violations, despite the FBI having already looked into allegations and determined that Flynn had done nothing wrong. Yo Biden: Why Did Strzok’s Notes Implicate YOU For The General Flynn Frame-Up?

Team Biden has been using policies to run conservatives out of other government agencies that, in theory, are supposed to be apolitical, but will function like a defacto extension of the Democrat party if they were to achieve their goal… exactly the way the FBI has been shamelessly partisan in how it applies different standards of law depending on the affiliation of those involved.

Two current stories frame this shamelessly partisan hijacking of institutions that were originally designed to have every American receive the same treatment before the law, with the same presumption of innocence and same burden of proof on the accusers.

The reason Lady Justice is depicted in a blindfold was to show that she doesn’t change her standards based on who it is standing before her, awaiting judgment. Your connections, your station in life, your associations — none of those should matter. Just the question of innocence or guilt.

A similarly impartial even-handedness is supposed to apply to ALL citizens in their dealings with the government. If someone was targeted because they were, say, the ‘wrong’ ethnic heritage, that would be an outrage — or it would have been until Team Biden replaced Equality with Equity

Teaching critical race theory (CRT) in federally funded institutions would violate a student’s civil rights and should be punishable by law, Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) told NTD. —TheEpochTimes

In fact, this bait-and-switch about Equality and Equity is why parents have been showing up in force at school board meetings and raising hell about the curriculum. Moms and dads have finally wised up to the problem of schools having morphed into a Secular Madrassa, churning out little American Marxists, dutifully obedient cogs waiting to be built into the machine of the ‘Progressive’ cause.

They don’t want their kids being force-fed half-truths and outright lies in an orchestrated effort to radicalize them in the support of a political cause. They have been demanding answers — and resignations.

To anyone who’s actually READ the First Amendment, that’s exactly what ‘to petition the government for a redress of grievances’ actually looks like in practice.

AG Merrick Garland, the former future Supreme Court Justice, [America dodged one hell of a bullet there] sees these concerned parents rising up and asserting their lawful First Amendment rights… and he has set about doing something about this ‘problem’.

That’s right. The same guy who took zero action against groups clad in black clothing and body armor setting fire to government buildings and causing serious injury to countless law enforcement officers, while throwing nonviolent trespassers into solitary, and creating a ‘sting’ operation where the FBI itself seems to have supplied the leading conspirators in the ‘kidnapping’ attempt against Gretchen Whitmer has decided that parents making their voices heard at the school board constitute ‘domestic terror’.

Meanwhile, video has surfaced of aggressive activists (heavily funded by one of the usual left-wing megadonors) harassing a sitting Democrat Senator by following her into the toilet, filming themselves harassing and cajoling her while she’s just trying to answer nature’s call in peace.

Many states have criminalized any use of cameras in the bathroom for exactly this reason. Are these Democrats ALSO ‘domestic terrorists’? Of course not, they’re on the left.

What did the White House have to say about that incident?

Psaki looked America in the eye and affirmed Sinema’s statement that ‘the protection of the freedom to protest, to speak out and to criticize is fundamental to our democracy. The president believes that. Maybe he shorthanded it, but he wanted to make that clear this morning.

The ‘shorthanding’ she referred to was when Biden called that ‘part of the process’.

If even they admit that the freedom to protest, speak out and criticize is fundamental to democracy, labeling parents who are doing exactly that as ‘domestic terrorists’ is an attack against the foundations of the American democratic process itself.

Put another way, here are the government’s priorities.

Amazing how these ‘great Democrat defenders of democracy’ are targeting people who dare to exert inalienable rights as set out by the Framers.

Do go on about how Trump is such a grave threat to our American institutions and way of life.

What’s the moral of the story? Moms have these school boards rattled. Keep pushing.

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