‘FREEDOM FLU’: Cops & Airlines Among Those Feeling The Backlash Of Vaccine Mandates

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2021

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It was with a straight face that we were told that massive airline disruptions on Southwest was a consequence of weather, not of job action.

After all, the union hadn’t organized a strike, and they would know, right?

Maybe the problem is that Union hasn’t been listening to the staff they claim to represent. After all, flight crews took the travel disruptions on the chin more than most other industries, and were among the ‘essential workers’ slogging away exposed to the risk of infection while passengers crisscrossed the country.

Many of them fell sick when there WAS no vaccine to protect them. Many have recovered, and have antibodies that do a statistically better job of protecting from future infection than the vaccines themselves. But nobody cares about yesterday’s heroes. Now they’re the villains in today’s drama. And a gun is being held to their heads, comply or else.

Many are taking a stand and choosing ‘or else’.

ClashDaily reported on airline employees pushing back on the vaccine mandate:

Airline Employees Push Back Against Mandatory Vaccinations — Here’s The 411

US Freedom Flyers provides information as well as resources to help fight the mandates. Under the “Resources” tab, there is information on vaccine exemptions.

Part of those massive shutdowns came from these same employees deciding to NOT pick up extra overtime shifts. This left holes in the staffing of flight crews, (among other positions) and caused real disruptions to the schedule.

This is NOT an isolated incident. Others of yesterday’s COVID heroes are tired of being taken for granted and bullied by a feckless, irrational government.

Southwest is not the only airline facing disruptions…

Chicago cops are being encouraged to call the tyrants’ bluff.

If you thought those weekend violence numbers were bad before, just think about what they would look like if they get cut in half.

The head of the Chicago police officers union has called on its members to defy the city’s requirement to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave.

In the video posted online Tuesday and first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara vowed to take Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration to court if it tries to enforce the mandate, which requires city workers to report their vaccine status by the end of the work week. After Friday, unvaccinated workers who won’t submit to semiweekly coronavirus testing will be placed on unpaid leave.

Catanzara suggested that if the city does enforce its requirement and many union members refuse to comply with it, “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up.”

Imagine what happens if Chicago’s have-nots figure out that a depleted police force just doesn’t have the manpower to protect the ‘haves’ from the kind of mayhem that rocked the city in 2020?

Worst-case scenario? We could be looking at Chicago’s version of ‘The Purge’.

And for what…? Because some cops — who probably came down with COVID when they were keeping the streets safe throughout the pandemic — think a ‘jab’ that doesn’t even protect you from getting sick or spreading the virus should be voluntary and not mandatory?

It will be interesting to see who ultimately blinks first.

If a deep-blue metropolis like Chicago gets hit with the pool cue of real-world consequences of their own dumb decisions — the kind of harsh consequences that even being wealthy doesn’t shield you from — they might be forced to rethink this whole mandate thing.

Community organizing isn’t a tool that can only work when the other team uses it. Our side can use it too.