WHISTLEBLOWER: Flight Surgeon Calls Pentagon To Ground Vaccinated Pilots For Safety Resaons

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2021

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When the left throws some political flunkie in a labcoat in front of a TV camera, we are all expected to ‘believe the science’. What about when a credentialed expert refutes them?

For anyone who watched the first run of the Trump Impeachment circus, the #1 takeaway the public was expected to arrive at was the absolutely ironclad truth of any statement made by that greatest of heroes in the public service — the Whistleblower.

By the left’s own standards established over the last 4 years, between the labcoat, the military service, and the Whistleblower status this highly-credentialed public servant is invoking, whatever testimony she would have to offer in the national interest must verge on the trustworthiness of a message delivered by an angel from heaven itself.

Lt. Col. Theresa M. Long is the whistleblower in this instance. She addressed a health issue of paramount importance, one that (if her conclusions are correct) could cost American lives if she is ignored.

LTC Long is not some yokel who has been digging around in sketchy sites on Google, either. She begins her 11 page affidavit (available in full, here) by listing her relevant credentials to demonstrate her expertise is legitmate.

She covers, among other things, her Bachelors, Medical degree, 10 years as field surgeon, residency in Aerospace and Occupational medicine, Masters’ in Public Health, she is also trained as an Aviation safety officer.

Long is board Certified in Flight Aerospace Medicine and Board eligible in Occupational Medicine.

Here is what we consider the critical detail of her bio, the one that sets up everything that follows:

I am currently serving as the Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade Ft. Rucker, Alabama and am responsible for certifying the health, mental and physical ability, and readiness for all nearly 4,000 individuals on flight status on this post.

Not surprisingly, she cites infectious disease training that predates the pandemic, as well.

Before going into her concerns with the vaccine, she referenced the far superior effectiveness of natural antibodies to the vaccine, the Aircrew Training Program’s obligation to ‘Accept no unnecessary risk’ which extends to both mission readiness and the needless endangerment of lives and the extremely low casualty rate among the 1.4 million active-duty military personnel.

How low is the casualty rate associated with COVID among the military? Fewer than 20 of those 1.4 million active-duty personnel lost their lives due to COVID. That is the backdrop against which Long makes her case.

24. Given that the labels for Comirnaty and BioNtech clearly state that the vaccination should not be given to individuals that are allergic to ingredients. I have noted that one of the primary ingredients of the Lipid Nanoparticle delivery system is “ALC 1035” (two attachments, parts highlighted) in the Pfizer shots. The forth attachment is the toxicity report on ALC-1035, which comprises between 30-50% of the total ingredients.3 The Safety Data Sheet, (attached as Exhibit B) for this primary ingredient states that it is Category 2 under the OSHA HCS regulations (21 CFR 1910) and includes several concerning warnings, including but not limited to:
1. Seek medical attention if it comes into contact with your skin;
2. If inhaled and If breathing is difficult, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation
3. Evacuate if there is an environmental spill
4. the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been completely investigated
5. Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only
25. Other journals and scientific papers also denote that this particular ingredient has never been used in humans before.

4 To be abundantly clear, one of the listed primary ingredients of these injectables is Polyethylene glycol (“PEG”) which is a derivative of ethylene oxide. Polyethylene Glycol is the active ingredient in antifreeze. While it is hard to believe this is a key ingredient in these vaccines, it would explain the increased cardiovascular risk to users of the BioNTech or Comirnaty shots. I cannot discern what form of alchemy Pfizer and the FDA have discovered that would make antifreeze into a healthful cure to the human body. Others seem to agree my point per recent scientific studies that caused a group of 57 doctors and scientists to call for an immediate halt to the vaccination program.5 In short, this antifreeze ingredient is being studied for the first time in human injectables. According to the VAERS data, which admittedly underreports by as much as 100 times the actual SAE’s, there are well more than 600,000 documented Serious Adverse Events (ones requiring medical attention) alone and more than 13,000 fatalities directly linked to this particular vaccine. I cannot understand how this vaccine remains on the list of available options to treat Covid, when there are so many other non-deadly or injurious options available.

Not surprisingly, hard-left websites are mocking her with pejorative language like the following.

The MAGA medical group that spent the pandemic pushing horse paste and malaria meds as quack COVID cures has a new crusade: suing the Pentagon to stop its vaccine mandate. The lawsuit, first filed on behalf of Army and Marine Corps staff sergeants, has since enlisted the support of an Army lieutenant colonel and flight surgeon to help argue their case. — DailyBeast

Leaving aside the obvious and easily debunked lies in their statement, the alarmism in their denunciation of ‘quack’ medicine actually makes Long’s case STRONGER, rather than weaker, considering this uncomfortable truth about the ingredient she is raising concerns about.

27. My assessment is that ALC 0315 is a known toxin with little study, specifically restricted to “research only“ and effectively has no prior use history, with the SDS designation of (GHS02), listed as H315 and H319, in other words, hazardous if inhaled, ingested or in contact with skin and a health hazard with the designation (P313). A review of the SDS outlines that it is not for human or veterinary use,

Oops. Swing and a miss there, lefties.

What is her recommendation, besides the obvious one about rethinking making a vaccine obligatory when the risk/reward profile seems to be taking our military in the wrong direction, and exposing unnecessary risk of — among other things — myocarditis?

Paragraphs 36 – 38 point to specific cases of which she is aware where serious harm has occurred, and a number of associates who have concerns, but are concerned about the consequences of being the dissenting voice on this issue.

She calls for an injunction to stop these vaccines within her context, and the grounding of pilots who have been vaccinated until such time as they can be properly assessed for any resulting heart or other issues.

That, in accordance with the foregoing, I hereby recommend to the Secretary of Defense that all pilots, crew and flight personnel in the military service who required hospitalization from injection or received any Covid 19 vaccination be grounded similarly for further dispositive assessment.
11. l) That this Court should grant an immediate injunction to stop the further harm to all military personnel to protect the health and safety of our active duty, reservists and National Guard troops.
40. I am competent to opine on the medical and flight readiness aspects of these allegations based upon my above-referenced education and professional medical, aviation and military experience and the basis of my opinions are formed as a result of my education, practice, training and experience.
41 As an Aerospace Medicine Specialist, and flight surgeon responsible for the lives of our Army pilots, I confirm and attest to the accuracy and truthfulness of my foregoing statements, analysis and attachments or references hereto:

Will they listen to her complaints?

Perhaps not.

But this affidavit sure would come in handy if they start handing out dishonorable discharges to anyone refusing the vaccine.

Especially the part about one of the critical ingredients not being approved for use in medical OR veterinary use.

It takes guts to do the right thing when it could cost you everything. We salute her courage.

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