If Election Fraud Isn’t A Problem, How Do Dems Explain These Criminal Charges?

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2021

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The Secretary Of State calls this evidence that there isn’t a problem with widespread election fraud. That is NOT the only way to interpret this news story.

Year after year, Democrats lined up to complain that they were cheated out of their win by some sort of electoral chicanery. Al Gore was the big one in ’01. But we saw it again in the wake of the 2004 election when Dems attempted to challenge Dubya’s certification. Hillary doubled down by blaming ‘Russian Collusion’ for getting beaten by Trump, and then Stacey Abrams still denies that her 50,000 vote loss was anything other than a ‘win’. She went so far as to leverage her grievance into a professional grift.

Then everything changed in 2020.

In the face of an election where the rules got changed (sometimes using COVID to change voting rules in explicitly unconstitutional ways) an election in which Zuckerberg threw hundreds of millions of strings-attached partisan dollars behind the GOTV work of election officials in Democrat districts in battleground states, an elecion in which various powerful Biden-aligned interest groups cooperated to ‘fortify the election’ (read: defeat Trump) … it is manifestly evident that there was nothing like the level playing field in this election that ordinary citizens have the right to expect in a modern Democratic nation.

But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. We’re not allowed to ask questions. Because unlike those OTHER elections in which questioning the outcome is acceptable, the establishment class is pleased with the election outcome in 2020.

We now have one of those critical 2020 battleground states laying charges for election fraud.

The Democrat AG and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson defended these charges as proof that fraud isn’t a problem. (Hold that thought as we describe the charges.)

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has charged three women with crimes related to attempted voter fraud in the 2020 general election.

…“These charges also send a clear message to those who promote deceitful claims about widespread fraud: the current protocols we have in place work to protect and ensure the integrity of our elections. It’s time to share that truth and stop spreading lies to the contrary,” Benson said in a statement. —JustTheNews

One incident involved two dozen absentee ballots from a nursing home whose signatures didn’t match the files. One staffer filled them out and submitted them without the knowledge of the residents. She has been charged.

Another incident involved a grandmother who sent in her grandkid’s absentee ballot despite his having voted in person.

The third case is a little more complicated:

Investigators determined Nancy Juanita Williams, 55, planned to control absentee ballots for legally incapacitated persons under her care by fraudulently submitting 26 absentee ballot applications to nine identified city and township clerks. Williams sought to have absentee ballots for those individuals mailed directly to her. She also submitted separate voter registration applications for each person – all without knowledge, consent, or understanding of the person under her care. MSP ultimately referred the case to DAG in May 2021 for charges. —JustTheNews

The Democrats would have us call this a great victory, proving that the system works and that cheaters never prosper.

There is another way to look at it. One that adds fuel to the political right’s rationale for stricter control of chain of custody of the ballots.

The people they caught were discovered because of someone complaining about a double-vote, or because an alert campaign worker checked the signatures on file.

We have people stealing ballots out of mailboxes like what we saw in California. Just because law enforcement lucked out and caught ONE guy, doesn’t mean we caught everyone, or even the majority. The same logic applies to the massive number of unsolicited mail-in votes. Many of which have been sent to out-of-date or otherwise invalid addresses.

This means that a live ballot is in circulation that never successfully found its way to the voter. This creates a chain-of-custody problem serious enough that it would invalidate police evidence in a criminal case, but for some reason is not enough to make Democrats concerned about voter integrity.

The Republican solution to this problem is straightforward… they want to make it ‘easy to vote but hard to cheat’.

When Republicans proposed this, they nearly lost their minds and they threw every kind of invective they could imagine at the Republicans who pushed for these changes.

An inquisitive journalist, if such creatures still exist, might wonder what motivates that sort of reaction from the Democrats. None of the explanations we can come up with fit with innocent motives.