Wartime Pastors Needed – Part 2

Written by Doug Giles on October 14, 2021

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You didn’t think the epic, eternal, and spiritual battle between good and evil was something you could sit on the sidelines and watch it play out, did you? The battle is waging with our without our participation.

And Hell is hoping you’re sitting in the bleachers with your popcorn and a jumbo Coke.

There’s a reason God’s word is practically bursting with warfare imagery.

What happens when a generation or two of Christians sticks their heads in the sand and thinks it’s enough to have a private faith while the world around them goes to hell in a handbasket, force-feeding our culture ideas whose ultimate goal is the dethroning of God?

Well, have you turned on the news lately? That is what it looks like. The only two choices in front of us are surrender or fight. And a generation yet unborn is counting on us to make the right choice… so that tehy won’t have to do their fighting from an environment as hostile to faith and freedom as Communist China.

It’s time for the Church Militant to wake up and lean into our divine assignment of expanding the earthly borders of the Kingdom of Heaven, and doing our part to depopulate Hell.

What does stepping up in that fight looks like in today’s terms? We’re glad you asked.

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