LET’S GO BRANDON! Clueless Joe’s Poll Numbers Continue To Circle The Drain…

Written by K. Walker on October 21, 2021

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President Biden doesn’t seem to have much support for the guy who got the most votes in a presidential election ever.

81 million votes in November 2020, and he’s doing such a bang-up job that his approval rating is in the toilet.

On Tuesday, a new poll by Quinnipiac shows that only 38% of Americans have a favorable view of the President while 50% say they have an unfavorable view.

Kylee Zempel at The Federalist noted that the poll leaned blue at D+4. Yikes.

The poll indicates Biden’s approval has slipped across demographic groups. Not only is he a staggering 39 points underwater with white men (26 percent approve to 65 percent disapprove), but he’s also lost the support of white women and Hispanics. Approval among white women is down to 40 percent, with 53 percent disapproving, a 13-point deficit. And among Hispanics, it’s a gaping 18-point difference (33 percent approve to 51 percent disapprove).

The Democrat president’s support hasn’t just waned in quantity, but especially in quality, with enthusiasm swinging against the president. In other words, Biden’s critics dislike him more passionately than his supporters like him. While only 18 percent of respondents indicated that they “approve strongly” of how Biden is handling the presidency, 43 percent said they “disapprove strongly.”
Source: The Federalist

Bad news for the Biden-Harris administration is not just limited to the fact that Joe is about as likable as scabies, (and Harris probably less than that, but nobody wants to ask,) but that top three issues for Americans are ones that they’re completely failing on.

  1. The economy (19 percent)
  2. The China Virus/COVID-19 (16 percent)
  3. Immigration (14 percent)

The really interesting parts can be seen after digging into the questions a bit and looking at the voting blocks.

For example, more women disapprove (45%) than approve (43%) of the way that Joe Biden is handling his job as President.

This is also true for Hispanics who overwhelmingly disapprove (51%) versus approve (33%) on Clueless Joe’s handlers — er, handling his job.

When asked, “Is your opinion of Joe Biden favorable, unfavorable or haven’t you heard enough about him?” Unsurprisingly, white men overwhelmingly had an unfavorable view (65%), but white women also had a significantly more unfavorable view (52%), as did Hispanics (49%).

A summary of the poll can be found here.

Well, well, well…

It appears that some of the pillars of the Democrat support are waning — even the normally staunch black support isn’t in the overwhelming numbers that it usually is — under Biden and his “first black/Asian” female Vice President.

That’s not looking so great for Democrats for 2022 and beyond.

Maybe the crowds yelling “Let’s Go Brandon!” and *cough* other things are onto something.

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