LINN: Democrats’ Selective ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Designation

Written by Greg Hartman on October 4, 2021

Recently the National School Boards Association (NSBA) has asked the Biden Administration to consider designating “angry” parents or anyone in the community who speak their minds at school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

The NSBA has gone on to say that the public schools and their leaders are under an immediate threat and that acts of violence and threats of violence have increased and in its view, constitute domestic terrorism.

It’s unclear how many, if any at all, incidents the NSBA mentions were acts of violence or physical threats.  The odds are such incidents are nothing more than criticism over the Critical Race Theory and other leftist indoctrination.

But the NSBA is obviously obsessed with the Critical Race Theory, social justice, systematic racism, etc. to the point where any dissent from parents or anyone else is considered to be extremist.

Ever since the Capitol riot on January 6 (which was carried out by leftist infiltrators determined to make the Donald and his supporters look like right-wing extremists), there has been an increased focus on domestic terrorism by the Biden Administration, even to the point of ignoring more dangerous terrorists (e.g. Antifa, jihadists).

Despite Joe Biden being in the White House, Antifa (who apparently is hard to please and is always looking for a fight) has continued to cause havoc in Portland and elsewhere throughout America.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration (in the aftermath of the disaster in Afghanistan) has brought thousands of Afghans into America without even bothering to find out their true identities.  Some of these so-called “refugees” have already committed acts of sexual assault, while others have “walked off” military bases here in America.

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, the authorities did put an emphasis on domestic terrorism, i.e. right-wing extremism.  But in doing so, they paid less attention to other potential terrorists, e.g. jihadists.  I am certain that Osama Bin Laden saw Timothy McVeigh’s actions as proof America would be a ripe target, especially since it was apparent that the American Government would be preoccupied with right-wing extremists.  Such preoccupation with the far right, along with political correctness and disregard for national security, paved the way for 9/11.

It was also a preoccupation with right-wing extremists (e.g. white supremacists) that helped paved the way for JFK’s assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine-turned communist.

And here we are today, with an administration that is more concerned about imposing its will on the American people than it is in protecting them.

The question is will history repeat itself?