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Merck Seeks FDA Approval For COVID-19 Treatment Pill — Here’s The 411

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Finally, now that we are deep into government vaxx mandates (or even the threat thereof) upending our economy and getting people fired, we are finally taking treatment options seriously.

The fact that vaccinated people are still getting ‘breakout cases’, combined with absolute panic that’s been ginned up over a virus that has a better than 99% survival rate for anyone under 65 with no comorbidities, means that anyone who tests positive will demand that somebody DO something.

We were emphatically told to avoid medications with decades-long track records and known side effects profiles, even when there was compelling evidence that they had done a good job in curbing the spread, in keeping people safe, and in helping infected people bounce back from an infection. But there was a significant problem with these other solutions… none of them had patent protection and a rich profit margin.

If someone supplements their Vitamin D to reduce their comorbidities, drug companies don’t rake in the cash. If they use baby Asprin to reduce blood clotting, or use Scope Mouthwash, there is no multi-billion-dollar cash bonanza pouring into the drug company that rode in on their white horse to save the day. And if everyone in the highest-risk categories called up Jenny Craig and dropped 20 pounds or more, the virus wouldn’t suddenly be anywhere near as scary as it has been and we’d be that much closer to going on with our lives.

But why would corporations — especially those peddling and profiting from fear want people to be happy and healthy when panic is so much more profitable?

With people already lining up for their boosters less than 2 years after the virus came to our shores, companies are now looking for other ways to cash in.

While everyone has been denouncing the Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin as some kind of a dangerous ‘horse dewormer’, a similar drug has been produced to fight the virus. Forget about the seemingly miraculous results that have been seen by these out-of-patent medications in places like India or Peru. Forget about the Congressional testimony that was deleted from YouTube.

None of those things matter now that there is a shiny new medication with a brand new patent attached to it being rolled out as a treatment for the virus.

What do we know about it?

Let’s start with what it is and why they want it approved.

Merck & Co announced on Monday that it has applied for emergency use authorization with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its experimental pill to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients.

The drug, called molnupiravir, stops the virus from making copies of itself, which prevents it from spreading throughout the body.

Recent trial data have shown that it can halve the chances of death or being hospitalized for those most at risk of contracting a severe case of Covid. –DailyMail

Alright, then. Merck has a pill to treat COVID cases. Is it any good?

Merck’s new COVID-19 pill, known as molnupiravir, headed for FDA review for emergency authorization, could potentially carry serious safety issues stemming from the method used to kill the virus, scientists warned, according to a report.

…The oral antiviral medication integrates into the genetic makeup of the virus, causing a large number of mutations to destroy the virus. However, some laboratory tests indicated the drug’s ability to cause mutations in genetic material of mammalian cells, theoretically causing cancer or birth defects, Barron’s reported.

…Dr. Raymond Schinazi, professor of pediatrics and the director of the division of biochemical pharmacology at the Emory University School of Medicine, warned over NHC, the compound that molnupiravir turns into after it is ingested. He advised caution with widespread use until more data is available, due to its potential harm to young people of reproductive age or those who are pregnant. The Merck trial currently excluded pregnant women. —FoxNews

Let’s recap what’s going on here. HCQ, a drug that’s been around since Joe Biden was a schoolboy with almost no side effects is the Devil himself. Ivermection, a Nobel-prize winning drug that is considered so safe that it is offered orally to treat headlice in children.

With those two drugs, doctors are threatened with having their licenses pulled over giving the pill, or pharmacies are facing similar penalties.

But watch what happenes when we offer the people a brand-new med with a shiny new patent. Suddenly all of those ‘safety concerns’ about dangerous treatment options will melt like frost in the morning sun. They certainly won’t apply to the new pill on the block.

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