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SHOTS FIRED: Bishop BLASTS Catholic Politicians Who Hide Behind Mario Cuomo’s Abortion Excuse

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Mario Cuomo gave Catholic politicians a rhetorical dodge letting abortion advocates have their cake and eat it too. A Catholic bishop says ‘that pathetic excuse doesn’t fly anymore’.

Earlier this year, Nancy Pelosi — an elected politician — claimed the right to tell the Catholic Church what should and should not comply with Church Doctrine. She told an Archbishop he was wrong. ‘Good’ Catholic? Why Does Pelosi Think She Outranks An Archbishop?

What was the argument about? From our article…

“The Archbishop for her diocese had something to say about whether someone who is an aggressive proponent of expanded abortion should be allowed to participate in Communion.”

It wasn’t long before outraged rank-and-file Democrats were calling for the Church to lose tax-exempt status if Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were denied communion for aggressively pushing the State’s support of action the Church calls a grave sin. Because Dems have a religious devotion to abortion (and the money they rake in from Planned parenthood), and they will protect it with might and main.

One bishop is sick of the farcical claim to be ‘religious’ while shamelessly advocating public support of sin.

He was responding to the shift in a previously reliable pro-life Democrat from Rhode Island whose ‘position has evolved’ into supporting the Democrats’ hard stand FOR the Planned Parenthood agenda.

Rhode Island Congressman James Langevin used to be a reliable pro-life Democrat. But as the party has become more extremist pro-abortion, he’s moved to the left right along with radicals like Nancy Pelosi and AOC.

“Although I remain personally opposed to abortion, as a matter of public policy, my position has evolved,” he wrote in an opinion piece in The Providence Journal recently.

Then, last month, Langevin and every other Democrat except one voted for the most radical pro-abortion bill ever passed in the House of Representatives. The bill would force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions without limits up to birth nation-wide. —LifeNews

They can’t even use the excuse that they are just responding to broad public support for their position… because they aren’t. A poll came out in June showing that most people OPPOSE third trimester (read: partial birth) abortions, despite significant support for earlier abortions.

Third trimester abortions should typically be illegal according to 80 percent of Americans, a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found.

The findings revealed most Americans, 61 percent, believe most or all abortions should be legal in the first three months of a woman’s pregnancy known as the first trimester. For the second trimester that begins on week 13, 65 percent believe abortion should be illegal. The final trimester begins on the 28th week of pregnancy. —Newsweek

But That didn’t stop Dems (even the Catholic ones) from endorsing it…

They have been hiding behind that old saw Mario Cuomo gave us.

Cuomo left a more lasting mark on American politics, though, with an address a few weeks later at Notre Dame. Amid intricate parsing of Church teaching, American history, and political philosophy, Cuomo made his central argument: a Catholic politician can, in good conscience, personally oppose abortion while politically fighting to protect it — including even subsidies for abortion.

If Catholics fight to ban abortion, Cuomo argued, we are “seeking to force our beliefs on others.” — WashingtonExaminer

No, says Bishop Thomas Tobin, they can’t.

Although Congressman Langevin had previously attempted to nuance his pro-life position, his new statement on behalf of the “Women’s Health Protection Act” removes any doubt about where he stands and is terribly disappointing. “I have reconsidered my position on reproductive rights,” the Congressman writes, and in so doing he joins the partisan pro-abortion bandwagon.

We are so tired of hearing Catholic politicians say, as Jim Langevin does, “Although I remain personally opposed to abortion . . .” and then go on to support abortion. That pathetic excuse doesn’t fly anymore. Jim Langevin claims to be a “practicing Catholic,” but practicing Catholics do not promote the legalization of abortion which the Church clearly teaches is an “abominable crime.”

Setting aside the partisan rhetoric, we are obliged to speak the truth: that every time an abortion takes place, a child dies. Sadly, that reality will now be on the heart and soul and conscience of Jim Langevin. —LifeNews

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