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Bill Maher Warns Dems That ‘Wokeness’ Is A Losing Message — Issues A Challenge To AOC (VIDEO)

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Bill Maher is a flag-waving Democrat. But he’s is definitely NOT a rabid leftist.

He is one of those more fair-minded Democrats who hasn’t chucked his brain out the door so he can follow his party’s parade in whatever crazy direction it might wander off to. He is one of the rare few who still has the ability to criticize his own side.

Don’t misunderstand us, he’s still a hardcore partisan, to the point that he was cheering the idea of an economic recession (no matter who might get hurt by it) so long as it meant Trump not getting re-elected.

And why would he think otherwise? He’s got money to burn, a recession wouldn’t hurt him one bit.

Now Bill is sizing up the backlash against the aggressively ‘woke’ policies of the left and he sees the writing on the wall for a massive wipe-out of the Democrat party unless they change direction… fast.

What concerns him is how the up-and-coming loudest and most strident voices in the party are embracing idea that are even repulsive to other Democrats like himself.

He figures that this radical agenda and endless anti-white rhetoric will alienate the very people whose votes they would need to stay in office.

He’s concerned that with tweets like this, they are unlikely to get the message until AFTER they get wiped out in 2022.

He does what he usually does, tells jokes and gives his insights into where his party is shooting itself in the foot.

He thinks AOC is off by 180 degrees. But he’d like her to come on his show.

AOC will most likely never go on his show for exactly the reason he tells Democrats they need to — they only go to places they are already confident that someone will give them a standing ovation, and laugh at all their canned jokes.

The advice he gives is solid. (Our side needs to hear some of it, too.)

Fortunately for the rest of us, most of his party is too arrogant to hear it.

Maybe some on our side are listening and will realize that there is momentum to be harnessed in running AGAINST this ‘woke agenda’, instead of running scared of whatever new rules they throw at us today.

That’s the point of the left’s agenda. They will always find something to accuse us of. We can’t play defense. It’s time to turn their unpopular agenda back on them. It’s time to play offense.

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