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WATCH: 9 Yr Old Girl Punches Robber In The Face As He Attacks Her Mother — ‘I Had To Save My Mom’

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This little girl shows that it isn’t always “Mama Bear” that comes to the rescue. One criminal found out that “cubs” can pack a surprising punch.

On November 2, Danielle Mobley and her 9-year old daughter, Journee Nelson, were running errands in West Palm Beach, Florida, when a robber tried to steal Mobley’s purse. The pair were just returning to their vehicle in the parking lot of Sabor Tropical Supermarket when the attack occurred.

Surveillance video shows the man lunging at Mobley, knocking her down, and trying to pull the purse away from her.

Journee jumped out of the car and fought off the man by punching him in the face and continuing to hit him until he runs off.

Watch the surveillance video here:

The suspect was captured two days later and identified as 29-year old Demetrius Jackson, a violent career criminal. He has been charged with robbery and battery for the attack.

Journee was honored by the West Palm Beach Police for her bravery. She was given a medal, certificate, and a $100 gift card for Target. Chief Frank Adderley also joked that there is a recruitment drive for the department ongoing which was fitting since Journee wavers between becoming a teacher or a police officer when she grows up.

A nine-year-old girl who fought off a robber by punching him in the face after he attached her mother and tried to steal her purse is being honored for her bravery by Florida police who say they’re proud of her crime-fighting actions.

Journee Nelson and her mom, Danielle Mobley, were running errands in West Palm Beach on November 2 when they were attacked outside Sabor Tropical Supermarket…

…‘I fought back,’ the girl told 7 News Miami. ‘I had to save my mom.’

Chief Frank Adderley said during a press conference Thursday that while he wouldn’t recommend confronting criminals, the girl’s actions were understandable during the heat of the moment.

‘I bet he was shocked when she hit him right on the face,’ Adderly told reporters. ‘You definitely could tell on the video tape he was not expecting that. Her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation.

‘I think she hit him pretty hard.’
Source: Daily Mail

Journee’s mom also added that Journee chased the man down the block as he ran off.

“She actually jumped up and chased him four houses down the block with me chasing her, calling her back,” said Mobley.

Here’s a local news report of the incident:

“I’m very proud of her, that [helping] was her initial reaction,” Mobley told reporters, adding, “I wish things could be a little different because she is still dealing with this mentally.”

That’s understandable, but Journee showed bravery that far too few do these days. Most people just pull out their phones and record rather than intervening.

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