Dear Nicer Than Christ Pastor – King David Prayed Down Hellfire On The Enemy

Written by Doug Giles on November 24, 2021

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So many believers struggle with knowing how to pray. Which is kinda strange, since God packed his Book full of so many great examples of just how it’s done.

It’s a sure bet that whichever how-to-pray book you might have picked up at your favorite Christian bookstore, there’s one kind of prayer it won’t touch with a 10′ pole. Even the rare book that does, treats it like some kind of a museum piece instead of practical Holy Ghost artillery we have in our arsenal to shell-shock El Diablo.

Take a quick look at the current state of our cruddy culture and ask yourself how that status-quo good-enough kind of a prayer somebody taught you in Sunday School has been working out?

David gave us examples of how to pray with confidence, to a living God whose sleeves are rolled up. A truly Omnipotent God looking for people who are ready to kick in the gates of hell to establish His kingdom.

Fair warning, these prayers are biblical, but this kind of raw intensity will give tho old Church Ladies a case of the vapors. The Church used to pray that way, and when it did… whoa Nelly, it got things done.

Admit it. You’ve already tried praying some other way and the results were … underwhelming. Wouldn’t you rather walk the road David walked, and pray the kind of prayers that shake nations?

Let’s show you what I mean.

Here’s the book:

Psalms of War: Prayers That Literally Kick Ass is a collection, from the book of Psalms, regarding how David rolled in prayer. I bet you haven’t heard these read, prayed, or sung in church against our formidable enemies — and therein lies the Church’s problem. We’re not using the spiritual weapons God gave us to waylay the powers of darkness. It might be time to dust them off and offer ‘em up if you’re truly concerned about the state of Christ’s Church and of our nation.

Also included in this book, Psalms of War, are reproductions of the author’s original art from his Biblical Badass Series of oil paintings.

This is a great gift for the prayer warriors. Real. Raw. Relevant.

If you like the art featured in the book, you can feature it on your walls, too.

(Customers get 25% off using promo code ’25off’. ‘off’ for art is all lower case on my art site.)

Title: David — 1 Sam 17:46

Title: David & Goliath: From Dore’s Lithograph

Title: King David – Psalm 3