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Dr. Fauci Admits That COVID Vaccines Aren’t Working As Promised — Gives Stark Warning To The Vaccinated

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is finally admitting that the vaccines aren’t ending the pandemic and bringing us back to normal life.

On November 12, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) went on The New York Times’ podcast “The Daily” and discussed the current coronavirus situation in the United States, which he described as a “mixed bag.”

One thing that he did say was that officials in the United States are beginning to see waning efficacy in the vaccines against infection, hospitalization, and even death. Fauci then pointed to data from Israel that is showing the same situation there, but tends to be about a month or so ahead of the U.S. with regard to the outbreak.

He then said that it will probably be necessary for everyone to get a booster dose of the vaccine.

“They [Israel] are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly,” Fauci said. “It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”

As a result of these findings, Fauci warned that vaccinated people should get their booster shot, as it might actually be more important than health officials first realized. “If one looks back at this, one can say, do you know, it isn’t as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have,” he said on The Daily.

Fauci went on to say, “I think … that the boosting is gonna be an absolutely essential component of our response, not a bonus, not a luxury, but an absolute essential part of the program.”


You can listen to the entire interview here.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not recommended boosters for everyone. In September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine only for those who are at the highest risk of severe illness from the virus.

Getting the unvaccinated vaccinated and “aggressively” boosting the people who have been vaccinated is likely to put the U.S. in a safer spot this winter than the country saw with previous surges, both over the past few months and during the brutal winter of 2020, Fauci said. And as more time passes, we’ll be able to see how long the boosters keep recipients protected from COVID—but Fauci is optimistic.

“I think when all is said and done, as we get through boosting the overwhelming majority of the people who’ve been primarily vaccinated, we’re gonna say, just like other vaccines that require multiple doses, like hepatitis B, like some of the childhood vaccinations, that it is likely” a booster is needed, he explained. “I’m making my own personal projection as an immunologist and infectious disease person. We don’t have the proof yet—the proof of the pudding will be after you get people vaccinated and boosted, and we have a greater durability of protection that doesn’t wane as easily.”
Source: Best Live via Yahoo News

A few days ago, Israel reported that there have been over 10,000 breakthrough cases of SARS-CoV-2 among those who have had the third jab. While that is just a fraction of the 3 million or so who have been vaccinated, it’s still early to tell how long the booster lasts.

In September, Israel announced plans for a fourth dose and said that this is the way we now have to live… from now on.

Israel’s COVID Czar Says They’re Planning For A FOURTH Vaccine Shot — ‘This Is Our Life From Now On, In Waves’

When does it end?

Will this need for forever-boosters toss a wrench into Biden’s OSHA “work-around” vaccine mandate or will employers be forced to require proof of booster every few months?

What does this mean for the 5-11-year-olds that have recently been approved to be vaccinated through Emergency-Use Authorization? Paranoiacs will probably demand that they get a third dose.

Studies have shown that the vaccine is only marginally effective against the Delta Variant, which ClashDaily touched on in this article:

YO, COVIDictators: FOIA Request Triggers Awkward CDC Admission About The Unvaccinated

If that’s the case, what exactly is the point of giving people jab after jab?

Well, Pfizer is certainly raking in the dough. Now that the kiddos are getting the jab, Pfizer expects revenue from vaccines alone in 2021 to be over $36 billion. (Not a typo.) In 2020, Pfizer’s entire revenue was $41.9 billion. A Netflix-style subscription plan seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Big Pharma to grow into Gargantuan Pharma.

While it’s nice to see that Fauci is looking at Israeli data, perhaps he could acknowledge the Israeli study that shows that natural immunity is 27 times more robust than vaccine-induced immunity.

That’d be great, thanks.


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