Ex-NFL Scumbag Caught On Video Brutally Beating Former Girlfriend Arrested And Jailed

Written by K. Walker on November 19, 2021

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Good. The horrifying video of Zac Stacy abusing his former girlfriend went viral on Thursday after she filed a restraining order and there was a federal warrant issued for his arrest.

Kristin Evans is the woman that was tossed around like a ragdoll by her ex-boyfriend, Zac Stacy. She and Stacy share a 5-month old son who was just a few feet away when the former NFL player unleashed his rage on Evans.

The abuse was captured by home surveillance video.

Stacy can be seen on the video punching Evans in the head, picking her up and throwing her into her TV, and then “bodyslamming” her into their son’s bouncy seat as she begged him to stop.

ClashDaily covered that disturbing video here:

Former NFL Player Zac Stacy Accused Of Violently Beating Ex-Girlfriend As Video Of The Attack Goes Viral

Stacy was arrested on Thursday evening at the Orlando airport after arriving from Nashville.

Former Jets running back Zac Stacy has been arrested and slammed in jail after footage showed him brutally beating his ex-girlfriend and throwing her around an apartment in a jealous rage.

Shocking home surveillance footage shows Stacy, 30, repeatedly punching Kristin Evans and tossing her into the TV and their son’s bouncy seat as she begged for him to stop on Saturday.

Stacy was arrested by police in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday evening upon arriving at Orlando International Airport on an inbound flight from Nashville after Evans, 32, pleaded for help in tracking her ex down who she suspected was being hidden by his friends.

Evans issued a statement on Friday morning thanking people for the support and imploring NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to pay attention to brain injuries and mental health issues that current and former players are dealing with.

She added that Stacy had been “voluntarily hospitalized for mental illness” in March of 2021 and remained there for a month.

“Thank you for supporting my children and me during this difficult time. Our safety is the number one concern right now. After a terrifying experience, I am grateful that Zac Stacy is currently in police custody. At present, I have filed a restraining order and plan on filing a civil complaint. I am sincerely asking the NFL and football commissioner Roger Goodell to confront the reality that players are experiencing PTSD from their time playing pro-football. In particular, as linked to repeated concussions, brain injury, and other bodily trauma, as it causes symptomatic changes to the players’ character, including increased irritability, angry outbursts, and aggressive behavior.”

Here is a video of Kristin Evans before Stacy’s arrest:

Evans and Stacy’s relationship began in 2019 when they worked together in Memphis. Stacy was no longer in the NFL when they met.

She said that at the beginning of their relationship, he was funny, relaxed, and they had a lot in common, but things went downhill when she had a miscarriage in December 2019.

They then “took some time apart” and eventually got back together.

After they reconciled, Evans became pregnant again and Stacy moved to Florida in April, but she says that it’s “been a roller coaster” since then.

In the restraining order that Evans filed after she was attacked by Stacy on Saturday, she said that the abuse began when she was pregnant with their son and has continued to escalate. She is now in fear for the safety of herself and her two children, the 5-month old she shares with Stacy as well as a 12-year old daughter she had from a previous relationship. In the complaint, Evans said that she fears for her life and wrote, “he will kill me.”

Evans said that Stacy had attacked her in August over a dispute over money he had given her.

‘He physically assaulted me several times because he wanted the money back he gave me for our rent,’ she wrote in the restraining order application.

‘He punched my legs, slapped me, picked me up by my arms, and threw me into my window, which broke. I had glass in my feet that I removed myself,’ Evans continued.

She also claims that she was slapped across the face in September.

In the document, Evans writes: ‘[Stacy] has escalated violence since May while I was pregnant. He also assaulted me just weeks before our son was born. He will not stop. He will kill me and he feels justified in his actions.’
Source: Daily Mail

There’s just no excuse for Stacy’s behavior, especially since he appeared to recognize that he had some mental problems.

Current and former NFL players are expressing their outrage.

Leading the charge is the Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver, Davante Adams:

Stacy’s former teammate Chris Long expressed his shock and outrage:

Domestic abuse is a hidden plague that affects an untold number of people in the United States. The disturbing video of Evans being abused brought it all to the forefront of our collective consciousness.

Let’s hope that Zac Stacy is held accountable for this horrific assault on the mother of his son.

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