Cute Young Student Smoked Up With Neighbor Before Falling To Her Death Down A Trash Chute

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2021

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Julia had her whole future ahead of her. And now she’s gone.

CC footage helps nail down the main sequence of events, but there’s a lot they don’t tell us about the final moments of Justine Gross, a 19yo Penn State student from New Jersey.

For example, we know that on November 11th, she left her 10th-floor off-campus apartment to visit a 7th-floor neighbor to smoke some weed. Cameras show that they left his apartment together, but she showed up again on the 11th floor by herself.

Footage shows her going into the garbage room, seemingly alone, and that is the last time she is seen alive. Her phone and flip-flops were found in the stairwell.

Justine’s body was found at Pennsylvania landfill last Friday – a day after she was reported missing by her concerned family.

…A coroners report is yet to be released.

But police are said to have deemed the incident an accident. —TheSun

At 11:22 pm, shortly before plunging down the chute, she sent a Snapchat message to her friend saying ‘something’s wrong’. She never specified what, exactly, that particular something was.

Justine’s mom tracked down the guy whose apartment she had visited. The way she tells it, he was pretty casual in how he answered her questions.

He acknowledges she came down. Admits giving her a smoke. Claims she reacted badly, got panicky, and that he tried to help her back to her apartment.

Her roommates had been waiting up for her, but she never made it home.