KNIVES OUT: WH Responds To Claims Of Infighting Between Joe And Kamala’s Teams

Written by Wes Walker on November 15, 2021

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Seems like the guy who pledged to be the president of ALL Americans can’t even keep his own Administration unified.

The bad news keeps coming for the Biden administration. It’s not just Afghanistan, a failed COVID response, the rise in inflation and all that other bad policy stuff he’s got to deal with.

It’s not just the embarrassing leaked texts from the Laptop From Hell in which Hunter Biden talks candidly about his dad’s dementia.

That Joe and Kamala are racing to set new record polling lows is just the icing on the cake. When morale gets low in situations like that, internal strife usually isn’t far behind.

Depending on who you believe, that stife has already reared its head at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Despite their public show of unity, Biden and his right-hand woman have a dysfunctional relationship that has reached an “exhausted stalemate,” CNN said based on interviews with nearly three dozen insiders.

At a time when the president would usually be expected to promote his vice president as a future replacement in the White House, Biden has instead been sidelining Harris as a potential liability, the report said. —NYPost

Cackling Kamala, seen as a liability? Say it ain’t so!

She’s supposedly getting her nose out of joint because Joe has kind of pushed her into a corner.

Her backers blame Joe for this and complain that Biden worked really hard coming to the defense of Buttigieg in his paternity leave. But they aren’t seeing the same love from the White House from Biden.

Biden’s backers would push the blame back on her.

She is increasingly being pushed aside into inconsequential jobs and left out of key meetings as her poll numbers sink even lower than the president’s and the Democratic base appears to be giving up on her, the report said.

…However, White House insiders insisted that the vice president has brought the alienation upon herself because of a series of bungles and self-made problems that Biden wants nothing to do with.

The administration has been particularly bothered by her doomed handling of the border crisis — including her cackling response when asked about it — which is still ongoing, the insiders said.

Fernando García, executive director of Border Network for Human Rights, told CNN that he was optimistic Harris would take action, but she instead just “disappeared.” — NYPost

Not like her people could have done *anything* to have provoked that alienation, right?

Notice the date on that tweet. Jack was covering this rift LONG before CNN caught wind of it.

Of course, now that CNN, Politico, and the New York Post have publicized the spat, Psaki is circling (back) the wagons in damage control.

Not as though that would help, much. One way or the other, the damage is already done.

We’ll wrap up with a short thread of spicy observations made by Stephen Miller.

Biden was careful to pick a black woman as a running mate to appease the sensitivites of his party’s far-left race baiters.

Maybe he’d have been better served by prioritizing other traits like intelligence, competence or integrity — if such qualities are still to be found among elected Democrats.

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