MORE THAN WORDS: Here’s How The Rest Of Us Can Thank Vets For Their Service

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2021

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It’s easy for even a heartfelt ‘thank-you for your service’ to become said so routinely that it slips, almost unnoticed, into an automated perfunctory response.

We never mean for it to happen, but like anything else, it can become routine and reflexive. That sameness and routine is part of the reason we set aside days on the calendar to remind ourselves that there was a heavy price to be paid for the life and freedoms we enjoy.

Can we show our gratitude by expressing it to the people who have written the proverbial ‘blank check’ to the government in pledging to protect life as we know it? Of course we can.

Can we show our gratitude by making sure that those who come home again — and the families of those who don’t — are properly cared for and looked after? Absolutely. And we should.

But there is another way we can show our gratitude.

The rest of us can show that gratitude by taking an active role in leaning into the freedoms such sacrifices have given us. By not just doing ‘our part’ to passively preserve the freedoms we have been given… but by actively championing them as an American birthright.

What might that look like?

It might look like Parents Standing Up in Loudoun County.

Dad Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting Was About To Expose COVER-UP Of Daughter’s Rape By ‘Boy In A Skirt’

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And following that up by throwing the bums out in the Virginia election.

It might look like standing up to unconstitutional Federal overreach

For example, Biden and his administration heard SCOTUS rule that he had no authority to enact an eviction moratorium. But when Democrats demanded it, the CDC extended it anyway…

DEMS Celebrate CDC Exercising Extra-legal Authority That SCOTUS Said Does Not Exist

…because they are lawless.

We know they are lawless because they are doing the same thing again in response to another court ruling that put them in their place.

The 5th Circuit expressed grave concerns about the constitutionality of the mandate and put a block on it until a formal ruling can be made. LEGAL RULINGS: Bad News Piles Up In Court For The COVIDictators’ Vax Mandates

How did Biden respond? He told companies to go ahead and enforce the mandate anyway — the same mandate about which a court had GRAVE concerns about the constitutionality.

It might look like fighting for someone to be held to account for the catastrophic failures in Afghanistan…

And fighting to make sure that everyone still stranded there gets safely home.

There’s a long, long list of ways you could get involved in ‘owning’ your citizenship rights.

That list is limited only by your own creativity.

You could take a stand on the border crisis.

You could take a stand on election security.

You could take a stand on the politicization of law enforcement.

You could take a stand on the hamstringing/emasculation/politicization of the military.

You can run for office or support a candidate with your time, talent or treasure.

If none of those options flick your switch? There’s an even simpler way.

Think about your circle of influence at home, at work, or online… and watch for opportunities to remind them about who we really are as a nation.