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NYC: Kids Eat Lunch In The Cold Because Adults Are Scared Of The ‘Rona

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The kids should give the parents a failing grade on this one.

Children are carrying a heavy burden put on their shoulders by adults who are unable or unwilling to speak up on their behalf. Put there by some of the same adults who are only too happy to use ‘think of the children’ as poker chips in pushing political agendas.

From the very beginning, children have been the very lowest end of the bell curve for risk of either receiving or transmitting the Virus that Panicked the World. But since the world was hellbent on building our ‘slow the spread’ methodology based on some high school kid’s science project, we closed them anyway.

Now that teachers have (grudgingly) returned to the classroom, are children getting back to a normal school day? Of course not. They have to jump through some crazy hoops to keep the (alleged) grownups from getting too panicky.

What kind of crazy hoops?

In New York City, some children still have to eat their lunches outside. In December.

“It’s getting a little ridiculous at this point,” said a mom at MS 104 in Manhattan, where kids again pulled apart their string cheese in 39-degree weather Wednesday. “They’ve eaten outdoors every day this week. It’s cold.”

A mom at a Park Slope elementary school said her child has also been dining al freezo for the entire year and began complaining about the conditions this week.

“We’ve heard no plans to bring them inside anytime soon,” she said. “In fact, they are still asking for parents to give the school their Fresh Direct bags to create seating pads. It doesn’t sound like they’re going in.” —NYPost

For any concerned parents looking to raise hell on this issue, the way Virginians raised hell about their school concerns, it’s important to know what level these decisions are being made at. We have that information for you.

According to the Department of Education, school principles are allowed to decide whether or not it’s safe for children to eat indoors due to COVID-19, and some schools in the city are holding lunch indoors, according to the Post.

“The problem is that there is no hard metric for when the kids can go inside,” one parent told the newspaper. “It’s just up to the principal, whatever they decide goes. Hopefully we’re not out here in February.”

…Another Brooklyn-based mother told the newspaper: “It’s already hard enough for a little kid to eat outside while sitting on concrete with a mask on. What does the weather have to be to go inside? How low does it have to go?” — NewsMax

Let’s take a look at the local weather…

Given a choice between letting kids eat in the cafeteria… or even at the desks that are considered safe enough for them to sit at through the school day the kids are expected to sit on the concrete outside.

These decisions are being made at the local school level in New York — and (who knows?) possibly somewhere near you, too.

Parents go out of their way to buy fun snacks for their kids to eat, but how fun is a Fruit Rollup if it’s so cold out that it breaks instead of bending?

If you bring this issue up in conversation, you’re sure to get the ‘believe the science’ objection. Of course, when you remind them that it’s already been corrupted — at least so far as school decisions go — you can expect they will suddenly change the subject. BUSTED: Emails Show CDC Caving To Teacher Union Pressure Over Policy … AGAIN

But if a few dozen parents hammer this issue in a school board meeting, the political fallout in Virginia might be fresh enough in peoples’ minds that they have no choice but to listen.

The left pretends to celebrate ‘strong women’, right? Let’s see how happy they are about ‘strong women’ when a couple of hundred pissed-off moms start raising hell.

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