NYC: Mugger With Knife Arrested 3 Times in 36 Hours — Walks Free Without Bail Each Time

Published on November 29, 2021

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Elections have consequences. But so do any bad ideas the people we elect bring with them.

That includes the bleeding-heart hug-a-thug attitude to serial offenders. New York changed bail laws to make it hard for prosecutors to hold criminals at high risk of reoffending while awaiting trial.

In one of the easiest cause-and-effect predictions imaginable, that legislative change led to a real-world consequence. A spike in crime. It was replicated in many other cities that leaned in to that ‘defund-the-police’ message.

Criminals have heard the message loud and clear. Now they’re laughing at authorities.

A Brooklyn homeless man was busted three times in just 36 hours last week, boasting to NYPD cops that he would dodge bail at each turn because he “didn’t have a record.”

He proved to be right.

Agustin Garcia, 63, was charged with robbing two Manhattan straphangers — wielding a knife against one of them — and stealing a beer from a Bronx bodega in rapid succession, prosecutors and law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Manhattan prosecutors twice asked that Garcia be held on bail amid his alleged crime spree, only to be denied by judges.

It wasn’t until the suspect was busted a third time that he was sent to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, although still without any bail to keep him locked up. –NYPost

This is just one of plenty of examples, some which have a mental health component, some that don’t one could cite about the revolving door justice system.

AOC and her gaggle of hardened activists can lecture us all they want about inequalities in the justice system. What do they have to say about the unnamed victims on the subway, one of which had a knife to his throat? Where’s the concern for THAT victim?

Whether he’s mentally unbalanced or simply evil, this guy is one of a countless multitude that have proven themselves a menace to people busy living their lives in New York. The offenders have advocates in the Democrat party.

But who will speak for the other New Yorkers?

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