Real Or Fake News? Did Marines Really ‘Surrender’ To British Forces In Training?

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2021

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UK news outlets were crowing over a story in which the Brits supposedly delivered a humiliating defeat to our Marines… was it real or was it overblown?

Here is part of the news story the Telegraph wrote that first kicked the social media hornet’s nest.

Royal Marines have forced US troops to surrender just days into a training exercise after eliminating almost the entire unit.

The British commandos “dominated” US forces during a training exercise in California, using a new battle structure.

The Telegraph understands the US forces asked for a “reset” half way into the five-day war fighting exercise, having suffered significant simulated casualties.

At one point in the battle, the commandos’ “kill board”, an intelligence assessment of the level of damage inflicted upon enemy equipment and units, had a tick against almost every American asset, indicating it had been deemed destroyed or rendered inoperable. — Telegraph

The British military’s chest-thumping added to that perception.

Some writers went directly to hitting the full panic button on how far gone our military readiness is. Before we jump to that conclusion, Task and Purpose weighed in on what the exercise actually looked like.

As it turns out, surrender was literally not an option for Marines taking part in the exercise, said Marine Capt. Zachary Colvin, a spokesman for the Marine Corps Air Ground Center.

“’Winners’ are never determined,” Colvin said. “This exercise does not provide an opportunity to ‘surrender,’ ‘keep score,’ or ‘reset.’ The objective of the exercise is to heighten unit performance and increase readiness.”

…The multinational exercise from Oct. 25-30 also included troops from the Netherlands, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, he said.

“The exercise was conducted in a free-play environment designed to stress commanders, derive learning points and allow participants to improve their ability to conduct offensive and defensive operations, and adapt to changes on the battlefield,” Colvin said. –Task&Purpose

They went on to add what one Marine Corps official told them. Without giving away any specifics he was unauthorized to speak about, the reporting in the Telegraph, and what the military’s observers saw over the full 5-day exercise do not match up.

So the breathless reporting about our Marines getting our asses handed to us might have been overblown. But that doesn’t negate what Sen. Josh Hawley, member of the Armed Services Committee, was saying about the attitudes our top brass have toward military readiness.

One of the key takeaways was this soundbite.

Here’s my view Laura. We’ve got the best soldiers, airmen, marines in the entire world, our soldiers are amazing warfighters, let them fight. Train them to fight. Let them do what they do best and stop using the military as a giant social experiment which is what the left seems to want.

He’s not wrong.

Look at the trillions of spending the Democrats keep pushing for. Do you know the ONLY line-item they do NOT want to add more funding to?

If you guessed ‘The military’. You’re exactly right.

Meanwhile, China is busy testing leading-edge new weaponry that could completely shift the balance of power in a Great Powers conflict.

Considering how they have been shifting their stance on Taiwan lately, such a conflict could be looming closer on the horizon than we like to think.

With China getting an itchy trigger finger, and Russia moving troops to the border of Ukraine again, what is the Biden Administration doing?

They are finding creative ways to purge the military of people who don’t embrace their woke totalitarian worldview… like vaccine mandates.

It does nothing to improve combat readiness.

But for a political movement that would want the military to be an extension of a political ideology rather than a defender of liberty and the Constitution?

Purges like this one, or active ‘wokeness’ training, or the mass firings under Obama all take us that much closer to a one-party military.

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