Spiritual Inbreeding & Camp Pooping

Written by Doug Giles on November 30, 2021

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Did you know there’s plenty of content in scripture that would get it thrown off prime-time TV for being far too spicy for a tender audience?

It’s true. And those grimy bits of scripture, if we take them seriously, are packed chock-full of meaningful lessons to help us find our way through this little thing we call life.

You’ve heard the story of Lot fleeing from Sodom and Gomorrah. But have you heard about the nasty stuff that happened next? Lot’s two daughters watched the world burn around them, and decided the only way they’re ever gonna have kids is if they get dad blackout drunk and do the deed, which both of them did.

That’s right, Lot fathered his own grandkids. Like some others in that generation, those kids went on to establish nations. God gave specific instructions to Israel about them.

Since Paul went out of his way (I Cor 10) to show that lessons under Moses have real New Testament implications, we ignore them at our own risk.

What do inbreeding and not pooping in the camp have to do with Christian life today? A lot more than you probably think.

In fact, if we solved those two problems, and a couple of others mentioned in previous weeks, the church might actually get up off the mat and be the unstoppable cultural juggernaut it has been in previous generations.

That’s a big ‘if’.

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