WATCH: Enes Kanter Celebrates New US Citizenship … With AWESOME Legal Name Change

Written by Wes Walker on November 30, 2021

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Enes Kanter has been one of the few bright lights that writers like yours truly could appreciate in today’s NBA… and not for the reasons most athletes are celebrated.

As someone who spends a lot more time watching the NHL than the NBA, there’s not a lot I could tell you about how well one athlete matches up against another in today’s game, Enes included.

His work on the court is obviously good enough that he’s made it to the big leagues, and good enough even among his NBA peers that he’s secure enough that he can say the things about their Chinese overlords that most everyone else in the league is far too gutless to say, even if they might privately agree with it.

He understands the importance of freedom… so much so that he lives it out.

He’s lived it out in by taking the oath of citizenship here in the USA. And he’s gone one step further still… he’s made it part of his identity with a name change. Enes Kanter is still part of his name, but he’s taken a new surname… ‘Freedom’.

Here he is on Tucker’s show talking about how he feels about becoming a citizen.

How refreshing, in a time when so many Americans have drunk deep of the ‘hate America’ KoolAid, that some people can still see America through the eyes that Enes Kanter Freedom does.

Here he is declaring that ‘I, Enes Kanter Freedom, …’

What is it we like about this guy? For one thing, he’s suffered real political oppression in his native Turkey, so he understands the difference between that and the superficial oppression the media likes to complain about.

For another thing, we’ve been covering this guy for years. He’s not afraid to BBQ sacred cows and take on tyrants. That takes guts. We can respect that.

Democrats take note: he came to America through the door, not the window. He loves America and is willing to pledge himself to her values. And the political right, who supposedly ‘hates immigrants’ is celebrating him.

We tend to admire that quality for some reason…

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