The Memorable NBA All-Star Game Anthem By Fergie Has Become A SPECTACULAR Kids’ Book (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on November 11, 2021

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There are great moments in American history that have become iconic — Edward Leutze’s painting of Washington crossing the Delaware, Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, and now… Fergie’s 2018 rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

In case you forgot, here’s the refresher of her “jazzy” version of the anthem that she performed at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

There were some serious Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” vibes right there.

Generally, I’m not a big fan of government control, but… there should be a law about screwing around with the national anthem like that!

Fergie’s rendition was so… unique… that it was trending on social media sites at the time.

It even sparked its own “challenge” with a trending hashtag. The #FergieChallenge had social media users posting videos singing other songs in a similar style, lipsyncing to her rendition of the anthem, or dancing to a remix of it.

It’s because of rare moments like this that many of us can see the point of social media, which is largely a toxic hellhole of inanity.

There was even a compilation “reaction” video of athletes and celebrities at the game trying to keep their composure as Fergie took her “artistic license” with the anthem.

This anthem is now a part of American history — or at least American pop culture history — and we must pass down knowledge of this event to our children and our children’s children from generation to generation.

Now you can!

Comedian Rob Anderson has created a children’s book that will do just that.

Here it is:

Yes, it’s a real book/a>.

Steph Curry even commented on Anderson’s post.

The Golden State Warriors filmed themselves dancing in the locker room to a viral remix of the “Fergamerican” version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and trolled her with it after Fergie’s husband, Josh Duhamel, said that Warriors forward, Draymond Green, wasn’t acting like a “real man” when he smirked during the anthem and should apologize.

It’s probably a good bet that Fergie didn’t get an apology from Draymond Green…

But now she’s got something even better — she’s the subject of her very own civics story.

Congratulations, Fergie! It’s certainly well-deserved!

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