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RITTENHOUSE TRIAL: Judge Blasts The Prosecution, Defendant Takes The Stand (VIDEO)

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The self-defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin continues to be riveting.

From the District Attorney’s absolutely clownish Keystone Cops-style prosecution, to their own witnesses making the case for the defense, to HD FBI video surveillance evidence that was “recently discovered”, it’s been quite a ride so far.

Wednesday was no exception.

Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder blasted the prosecution several times.

Once was when District Attorney Thomas Binger commented on Rittenhouse’s silence in front of the jury. “The problem is this is a grave constitutional violation for you to talk about the defendant’s silence,” said Schroeder. “You’re right on the borderline, and you may be over it. But it better stop.”

At a later point, Judge Schroeder scolded Binger on a line of questioning that he had not allowed in this trial.

Defense Attorney Mark Richards accused Binger of trying to provoke a mistrial.

Judge Schroeder dismissed the jury and tore into the Binger.

“I was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant’s post-arrest silence,” Schroeder said. “That’s basic law. It’s been basic law in this country for 40 years, 50 years. I have no idea why you would do something like that.”

While on the stand, Rittenhouse broke down as he recounted being chased by Joseph Rosenbaum.

According to the prosecution, if you’re being attacked by a mob — some of whom had threatened to kill you — got kicked in the head, hit with a blunt weapon, and had a Glock pointed at your head, you shouldn’t defend yourself until the aggressors try to kill you first.

The prosecutor went on for a while about hollowpoint bullets for some reason…

And you could smell the prosecution’s desperation when Binder brought up… video games.

Repeatedly while he was on the stand, Rittenhouse said that he never intended to kill anyone.

Binger tries to imply that Rittenhouse faced no threats by anyone on the night of August 25, 2020.

Clearly, there wasn’t a single threat by the roving leftwing mobs burning down Kenosha since the shooting of Jacob Blake, a sexual predator, armed with a knife, about to steal a car that wasn’t his with children in it, as he violated a restraining order against his victim.

And not one of those people were a threat to Kyle Rittenhouse who

Not Joseph Rosenbaum, a man who had threatened to kill him earlier, even though he was chasing Rittenhouse while he was alone, and then tried to grab the teen’s gun.

Not the guy from the crowd that was chasing him and yelling, “Get him!” that managed to catch up and give Rittenhouse a boot to the head…

Nor the guy that managed to clock him in the head with skateboard a couple of times…

And certainly not from the guy holding a glock pointed at his head.

In the afternoon, the Defense made a request for a mistrial with prejudice.

It’s still a coin toss if justice will be served, even though the facts quite clearly point to self-defense.

“Activists” with an ax to grind are willing to intimidate the jury.

It’s this moment that should be remembered by the jury:

This trial should be on every American’s radar.

If you have time and want to listen to a bunch of lawyers on YouTube talk through as the trial is livestreamed, check out the Rekieta Law channel.

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