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U.S. Gov’t Inks $5.29 BILLION Deal With Pfizer For 10 Million Doses Of New Pill To Treat COVID

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Pfizer continues to make money hand-over-fist with coronavirus vaccines… now they’ve made another boatload with a new treatment pill.

How convenient.

The Pfizer pill, “Paxlovid”, was jokingly referred to on the internet as “Pfizermectin” before it was officially given a name because of the way that it functioned. Ritonavir or PF-07321332 that is being marketed under the name “Paxlovid” is a protease inhibitor just like the 2015 Nobel Prize-winning “miracle drug”, Ivermectin, that was smeared as nothing more than a “horse dewormer” by the Corporate Media.

PFIZERMECTIN? Big Pharma Testing COVID Treatments That Work Like The Drug Smeared As ‘Horse Dewormer’

That alleged “horse dewormer” isn’t patented and is just now being examined as a possible treatment for the China virus.

NIH Funding Study On Medication For COVID Treatment That The FDA Called ‘Horse Dewormer’

Despite the NIH finally looking at repurposed therapeutics including the much-maligned Ivermectin, Pfizer has managed to score a massive $5.29 billion dollar deal with the federal government to provide 10 million doses of its brand new and patented medication that has not yet received approval for “emergency use authorization” from the FDA since the application was only filed on Tuesday.

According to Axios, “The Pfizer pill regimen was shown in clinical trials to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 89% in people at high risk of severe illness.”

Pfizer said Thursday that the U.S. will buy 10 million courses of its COVID antiviral pill Paxlovid for $5.29 billion by 2022 if it gains an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration…

…The Pfizer pill regimen was shown in clinical trials to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 89% in people at high risk of severe illness, Pfizer said earlier this month.

The pill was developed specifically to treat COVID-19, by blocking the activity of the main enzyme the virus needs to multiply.
Source: Axios

That’s $529 per pill, but according to the New York Times, “…Pfizer’s treatment… is taken as a regimen of 30 pills over five days.” (Emphasis added)

That would mean $15,870 per treatment regimen.

Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla said in a statement earlier this month, “We were thrilled with the recent results of our Phase 2/3 interim analysis, which showed overwhelming efficacy of PAXLOVID in reducing the risk of hospitalization among high-risk patients treated within three days of symptom onset by almost 90% and with no deaths, and are pleased the U.S. government recognizes this potential.”

The benefit of the Pfizer treatment is that it’s a 5-day oral treatment regimen that can be taken at home instead of an injectable medication that requires a medical professional to administer.

The Axios ends the article with the “Big Picture” summary, “Antiviral drugs can be a key pandemic-fighting tool in the U.S. and abroad, as not everyone will get inoculated against the virus and developing countries may not have access to large quantities of vaccines for years to come.”

In October, Merck, that is the drug company that produces Ivermectin, filed an application for emergency use authorization from the FDA for their new treatment pill for the ‘Rona.

Merck Seeks FDA Approval For COVID-19 Treatment Pill — Here’s The 411

Merck also scored a $2.2 billion deal with the Feds for 3.1 million courses of treatment of their oral medication.

The New York Times reports that both the Pfizer pill and Merck’s oral therapeutic are “geared toward older people or people who have obesity or medical conditions that put them at elevated risk for getting severely ill from Covid.”

A spokesperson for Pfizer said that for now, the company was only seeking authorization to use their pill with the unvaccinated, but Merck’s emergency-use authorization application for its oral treatment left it open for the FDA to decide whether to approve the drug for use with both the unvaxxed and the vaccinated.

Earlier this month, Blaze TV host Sara Gonzalez from “The News & Why It Matters” discussed the way that Pfizer has managed to make a mint from COVID with the Netflix-style vaccine subscription service and is now introducing a treatment. (Don’t miss Jack Posobiec’s hilarious impersonation of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at the 19-minute mark.)

Do you remember when people on both the left and the right were both skeptical of “Big Pharma” making record profits and not disclosing info about the drugs they’re pushing on the public?

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