UH-OH, JOE! 2-Month Old Baby Handed To U.S. Soldier At Kabul Airport Is MISSING

Written by K. Walker on November 7, 2021

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People were so desperate to leave Afghanistan after Biden’s bungled withdrawal that they handed their children to U.S. troops at the airport in Kabul. One newborn seems to have gone missing.

Mirza Ali, 35, his wife Suraya, 32, and their five children aged 17, 9, 6,3, and 2-months were all outside of the gates of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 19 with a crowd pressing around them.

During the chaos of the evacuation, they became so concerned that their baby would be crushed by the crowd that they made the split-second decision to hand their 2-month old son, Sohail, over the fence to a U.S. soldier hoping to be reunited inside since they were only about 16 meters from the airport entrance.

That reunion never happened.

The rest of the family was initially held back as the Taliban were pushing would-be evacuees away from the gate, but they eventually managed to get past the gates about 30 minutes after handing Sohail to a U.S. soldier.

From Reuters:

Once they were inside, Sohail was nowhere to be found.

Mirza Ali, who said he worked as a security guard at the U.S embassy for 10 years, began desperately asking every official he encountered about his baby’s whereabouts. He said a military commander told him the airport was too dangerous for a baby and that he might have been taken to a special area for children. But when they got there it was empty.

“He walked with me all around the airport to search everywhere,” Mirza Ali said in an interview through a translator. He said he never got the commander’s name, as he didn’t speak English and was relying on Afghan colleagues from the embassy to help communicate. Three days went by.

“I spoke to maybe more than 20 people,” he said. “Every officer – military or civilian – I came across I was asking about my baby.”

He said one of the civilian officials he spoke to told him Sohail might have been evacuated by himself. “They said ‘we don’t have resources to keep the baby here.'”…

…Ever since his baby went missing dates are a blur, Mirza Ali said. Every person he comes across – aid workers, U.S. officials – he tells them about Sohail. “Everyone promises they will do their best, but they are just promises,” he said.

It appears that the U.S. government has lost an infant in less than an hour.

It has been more than two months and Sohail hasn’t yet been found. There appears to be a lot of referrals to different departments that haven’t produced any useful information yet.

The family is devastated.

Recently, Biden yelled in a recent presser about the “outrageous behavior of the previous administration” and if by government action a family “lost [their] child” then they deserve compensation.

What a damned hypocrite.

His policies directly created this situation. He didn’t ensure that civilians were evacuated before he began withdrawing troops.

How many other families were separated because of the Biden-Harris administration’s awful withdrawal in Afghanistan? Are we going to pay all of those families reparations, too? What if the “families” that are being separated are child brides separated from their pedophile husbands? Do they get money? What a mess!

But still, this family is hoping for that long-awaited reunion.

The family is getting help and Sohail’s photo has been shared everywhere. There is an international Amber Alert for him.

An Afghan refugee support group created a “Missing Baby” sign with Sohail’s picture on it and are circulating it among their networks in the hopes that someone will recognize him.

A U.S. government official familiar with the situation said the case had been flagged for all the agencies involved, including the U.S. bases and overseas locations. The child was last seen being handed to a U.S. soldier during the chaos at the Kabul airport but “unfortunately no one can find the child,” the official said.

A Department of Defense spokesperson and a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which is overseeing resettlement efforts, referred queries on the matter to the State Department, since the separation took place overseas.

A State Department spokesperson said the government is working with international partners and the international community “to explore every avenue to locate the child, which includes an international amber alert that was issued through the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.”
Source: Reuters

This is just one of the consequences of the withdrawal that Joe Biden continues to staunchly defend.

Sohail’s mother, Suraya said, “All I am doing is thinking about my child. Everyone that is calling me, my mother, my father, my sister, they all comfort me and say ‘don’t worry, God is kind, your son will be found.'”

Let’s all take a moment and pray that Sohail is reunited with his family.

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