UNCIVIL WAR: Things Heat Up Between Manchin & The Hard Left (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2021

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The Senate balance of power held by Manchin and Sinema is the one thing standing between Democrats and a massive remaking of American institutions in their own image.

And if you ever want to see the ugly side of Democrats, just stand between them and power, and be the one to tell them they can’t get that shiny new toy they think the world owes them.

Tensions were already high last week when Manchin was standing in the way of the passing of the multi-trillion dollar ‘Build Back Better’ boondoggle.

With results in elections across the country going badly for the Democrats, those tensions came to a boil. People started looking for someone to blame.

Manchin, a Democrat, stands in the way of something a squad member wanted. So the left pulled out the only tool they know how to use against someone who doesn’t agree with them. They tried to bully him into compliance.

They went straight the politics of personal destruction.

In a statement she shared on Twitter, Cori Bush said of an elected representative in her own party…

“Joe Manchin’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act is anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant. Senator Manchin must support the Build Back Better Act.”

That puts every single accusation of bigotry leveled against Republicans in exactly the context the world most needs to see it. It’s a weapon they swing at people they don’t like… with zero regard for whether it’s true or not.

On Bret Baier’s show, Manchin reacted to the snipe.

‘This is a shame when we start this war of words. I’m not gonna speak ill about any of my congressional friends and colleagues on the House side or the Senate side. We can have a difference of opinion, but the rhetoric around here has gotten so harsh and so toxic that you can’t agree to disagree anymore,’ Manchin added.

‘You can’t sit down and say, “Ok, I disagree with you, Bret.” You’re gonna say, “Ok, Joe, do we agree on the same problem?” I say, “Yeah, let’s start working.” Tell me what you think you would fix it.’

‘That’s not happening. Let me tell you what I don’t hear that scares the bejesus out of me. I don’t hear people say, “This is good for our country.” More or less, on both sides it’s, “This is better for my party. This is better for the 2022 election.”‘ —DailyMail

How did the left react to his very clear statement that he would not be bullied to support legislation he could not support?

We saw how AOC used that to double down. WATCH: AOC Has Thoughts On Why Democrats Lost In Virginia — They Were Too Moderate

The rest of the aggressive left went even further.

They gave Manchin the Maxine Waters treatment normally reserved for hated Republicans… even more aggressively than the invasive tricks they had been harassing Sinema with. DOJ Criminalizes PARENTS Protesting Schools While WH Defends Sinema’s Harassers

They mobbed him at his houseboat… which has now been conveniently re-branded as his ‘yacht’.

Sorry to burst your bubble there, bright spark, but if you want to find a yacht, you should go visit your hero John Kerry. He’s got one of those, and he deliberately registered it in a state with more favorable tax status. Huffpo said so: John Kerry Saves $500,000 By Docking 76-Foot Luxury Yacht Out Of State

But according to the Maxine Waters rules, crowds need to mob him wherever they can find him.

As an observer on the right, what should we have to say about this conflict?

The answer should be obvious.

Pop your popcorn and enjoy the show.

If they’ve turned their guns on each other… they aren’t being trained on you.

Joe ran on being the ‘President of all Americans’. He can’t even get his own party to get along.

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