Iran’s Warships Turn Pirate … Train Guns At US Destroyers While Iran’s Drones Continue Their Mischief

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2021

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Iran claims to have ‘rescued’ a Vietnamese ship from ‘US interference’ while Americans tell a very different story. It was later anchored in Iranian waters, in case that’s a clue.

“The tanker carrying Iran’s oil docked at the port of Bandar Abbas on October 25.”

While Iranian media identified the seized tanker as “SOTHYS” — the name tanker tracking websites give for a Vietnam-flagged vessel — state TV aired footage showing a red tanker surrounded by about 10 speedboats. It also included a recording of what TV said was the encounter between Iranian and U.S. forces.

…Separately, American officials told Reuters that several drones, believed to be Iranian, had come close to the U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship Essex in the Strait of Hormuz in the past 24 hours. —Reuters

The Iranians are not pirates. No, they’re just protecting tanker ships from the big, bad Americans vessels. Sure they were.

Hold that thought.

A Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker, Sothys, has been spotted on Thursday transferring 700,000 barrels of Iranian crude oil to an Iran-flagged tanker, said on Twitter. — Reuters

Oops. It’s probably nothing.

On October 24th, one day before the tanker was seized, Iran harassed American ships.

Iranian Navy fast boats came close to the USS Essex, a U.S. Navy assault ship, and at least one of the other ships in the Essex Amphibious Ready Group in the Persian Gulf Friday while a top U.S. general was aboard.

The armed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy FIACs (fast inshore attack craft) approached both the USS Rushmore and the Essex, coming within about 300 yards of the Essex at one point.

NBC News was on the ship’s bridge during part of the incident.

Gen. Joseph Votel, commanding general of U.S. Central Command, was visiting and watching from the bridge as six Iranian FIACs moved closer to the Essex and as one cut straight in front of the ship’s path.

…Gen. Votel called the interactions “normal, safe and professional interaction out here in international waters.” He went on to praise the professionalism and vigilance of the Essex crew.

Votel described the Iranian boats’ behavior as normal, and said much of what the Iranians do in the region is “shadowing.” —NBC

The following day, when the Tanker was seized, and Iranian deck guns were lowered in the direction of American ships.

State TV released footage showing an Iranian surveillance drone monitoring a hulking red tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Heavily armed Iranian commandos then rappelled onto the boat from a helicopter as small speedboats surrounded the vessel and an Iranian catamaran ship patrolled the waters.

The video appeared to show Iranian Guard troops pointing uncovered deck-mounted machine guns at the USS The Sullivans, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer. Photos released by the U.S. military show The Sullivans recently in the Arabian Sea near the Gulf of Oman. —ABC

Does this really look like the behavior of a nation-state that is genuinely interested in entering into a serious treaty with the mythical ‘international community’?

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