Wartime Pastors Part 4

Written by Doug Giles on November 4, 2021

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Don’t let today’s tribe of timid theologians throw you off track. The Christian life is about running TO the fight, not FROM it.

The Christian life we’re called to walk in is not the example of the 50 prophets hiding in a cave for fear that the wicked king will take them out. It’s the example of Elijah looking that king in the eye and telling him that the bill for defying the God of Heaven had come due.

It’s the example of a teenage boy who got righteously pissed off as he watched all the best soldiers of his country wetting their pants in fear of Goliath’s challenge. The boy who with nothing more the 5 smooth stones and a sling ran TO the enemy demanding to know what kind of an arrogant uncircumcised fool would DARE to defy the God of Heaven.

Seeing a pattern here?

If we are living in a world where we know the enemy will want to throw everything it’s got at us to derail us, what are some very practical steps to weather that storm and come out even stronger on the other side?

This information is just as relevant for fathers preparing their kids to make their way in this world as it is for pastors teaching their churches.

We’ve got a list. Grab yourself a pen and let’s get to it!

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