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WATCH: CNN Host Alisyn Camerota Laughs As Michael Cohen Says Trump Supporters Should Be Incarcerated

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Camerota laughed along and said, “I’m not sure the prisons are big enough for all of that.” And, yet — they wonder why so many conservatives say that Corporate Media is the “enemy of the people.”

Michael Cohen, who secretly recorded conversations with the former President and leaked them to CNN, was released after 3 years of house arrest on Monday, and he promptly appeared on his favorite network.

CNN Newsroom co-host Alisyn Camerota had a lovely, friendly little chat with the slimy little dirtbag lawyer former personal attorney for Donald J. Trump.

At one point, Camerota asks if Trump is going to run in 2024, and Cohen says that he doesn’t think that he will because of his “fragile ego.” Cohen then goes on to talk about the “cult of Trump” which is a popular talking point among the TDS-suffering masses.

Leftists believe that Trump supporters were following a cult of personality instead of voting for a person that actually held policy positions that they approved of because the TDS sufferers cannot comprehend that elections are binary choices. One major party has policies that would increase debt, cause inflation, threaten national security, swing open the borders to illegal migrants, trample Constitutional rights, use taxpayer dollars to kill babies in the womb, impose carbon taxes, and basically turn the United States into a “sh*t hole country.” If you don’t want to vote for that, then they think that you’re just falling for the “cult of Trump.”

Camerota asks “what can be done” about the millions of people allegedly brainwashed by the “Trump cult”, and Cohen — who was just released from house arrest — suggests “incarceration.”

To which Camerota chuckles and responds, “I’m not sure the prisons are big enough for all of that!”

Hahahahah! Isn’t she just so clever?

Remind me, who are the people currently being held as political prisoners for *checks notes* trespassing on January 6?

CNN posted the segment to YouTube.

It was an unhinged rant by a disgruntled former employee and is capitalizing on the anti-Trump viewership of CNN to push his new book.

It’s filled with Cohen just taking shot after shot at Trump and his supporters. It’s not even really worth refuting because it’s so clearly a diatribe by a very bitter man with several axes to grind.

But there is one thing worth refuting… at one point, Cohen says that Trump is an “authoritarian” that wants to destroy the Constitution. Where the heck is the evidence of that?! His mean tweets? Well, Twitter fixed that problem.

Cohen is trying to suggest that the guy that let each state decide what it was going to do with regard to the pandemic is more authoritarian than the guy that is trying to use OSHA to circumvent his powers and impose a vaccine mandate.

And let’s not forget that Time Magazine bragged about Democrats, CEOs, and Leftist activists were steering their accomplices in the Corporate Media to get a particular result.

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

ClashDaily covered that here:

WATCH: Lawyer Breaks Down The Infamous Time Article About The Secret ‘Well-Funded Cabal’ That ‘Fortified’ The 2020 Election

You can watch the Cohen interview if you desperately want to:

It’s an interesting clip for one particular reason… they left off the part at the end where Cohen and Camerota joke about tossing Trump supporters in jail.

It was probably just an oversight, right?

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