WATCH: CRT Whistleblower Axed From School Admin Job Over THIS Viral Tell-All Video

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2021

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Where’s Adam Schiff calling for that ‘sacrosanct’ whistleblower protection when you really need it?

Tony Kinnet is not a household name. But his is an important story.

It’s especially important in a year where clashes between parents and schools over the curriculum content have become, well, ‘critical’ election issues.

A month ago, Tony, who is a school administrator, released a video in which he exposed the bait-and-switch game being played by administrators who were assuring parents that no, CRT is not being taught in the schools.

If you’ve been paying attention, that is the very same talking point the Democrats have pumped out through their willing accomplices in the media echo chamber. And it’s a lie.

“I’m the science coach and admin in the largest public school district in Indiana. I’m in dozens of classrooms a week, so I see exactly what we’re teaching our students. When we tell you that schools aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory, that it’s nowhere in our standards, that’s misdirection. We don’t have the quotes and theories as state standards per se, we DO have Critical Race Theory in how we teach. We tell our teachers to treat students differently based on color.

We tell our students that every problem is a result of white men and that everything Western Civilization built is racist. Capitalism is a tool of white supremacy. Those are straight out of Kimberly Crenshaw’s main points, verbatim, in Critical Race Theory, The Writings That Formed The Movement. This is in Math, History, Science, English, the arts, and it’s not slowing down. If students of color have lower reading scores, it’s because of inequity. Therefore we take from the ‘white’ students, and give to the ‘colored’ students. That’s Richard Delgato, straight out of CRT, An Introduction. All teaching is political, with reality and facts taking the back seat. That’s Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, who outlined how she saw Critical Race Theory fleshed out in public schools … in 1995.

When schools tell you we aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory, it means one thing: Go away, and look into our affairs no further. It isn’t about transparency, it isn’t about cultural relevance, it’s race essentialism painted to look like the district cares about students of color. We call it ‘anti-racism’ so you feel bad if you disagree with our segregationist pedagogy.

It’s taking advantage of kids’ vulnerability, and parents’ inactivity to preen over social snake oil schemes designed to create division. Parents, when we tell you Critical Race Theory isn’t taught in our schools… we’re lying. Keep looking.

As soon as this video went viral, he paid a price for it. The school district has a very dim view of his brand of transparency.

He said HR had warned him twice since then that he would have to “part ways” with the district if he continued to act as a “whistleblower,” and that staff have “clinical anxiety” working with him in the wake of his criticism.

Since the viral exposé, Kinnett has continued to criticize the district on Twitter and release “inside look” information because he claims the school district isn’t being “transparent.”

The administrator also said his access to his work email, Google Drive and calendars were cut off without warning on Wednesday — and he’s been banned from entering any school district buildings.

Kinnett said all the information he has released was located on a public server, and he has denied releasing any private data.

Prior to his access being cut off, Kinnett said he’d downloaded “racist documents and videos” from the server — and indicated he was going to release them at some point. — NYPost

How telling that it’s the whistlebower paying a price for this duplicity and not the administrators with an agenda.

Isn’t it time we had schools whose priorities and performance are judged, not on the color of our skin, but on the content of the curriculum?

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