WATCH: MSNBC Guest Says Virginia’s First Black Lt. Gov Is A Ventriloquist’s Dummy For White Supremacists

Written by K. Walker on November 6, 2021

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A cable news channel aired overt racism on a primetime show and everyone on the left seems to be just fine with that.

MSNBC’s resident race-baiter, Joy-Ann Reid, hosted a like-minded soul on her show on Thursday night and they decided to double-down on bashing the woman who will be Virginia’s first black, female Lieutenant Governor.

Michael Eric Dyson, a leftist author, “intellectual”, professor at Vanderbilt University, and — shamefully — an ordained Baptist minister, characterized Winsome Sears as a ventriloquist’s dummy for white supremacists.

Dyson said that Sears is just “a black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.”

Joy Reid smiles, nods along, and doesn’t call out Dyson’s offensive and blatantly bigoted comments.

So, what is it about the right-wing ideology that is so against black interests? Is it the commitment to lower taxes, protecting the rights of the individual, pushing back against the growing “Nanny state”, standing up for the family? Is it the conservative values that oppose the mass slaughter of millions of black babies through abortion? It’s a curious thing that Republicanism is always painted as racist with no definitive examples.

Interesting how Dyson is treating a black woman here. Normally, this would get the “woke” intersectionality people bent out of shape for the “mansplaining”, but since Winsome Sears is a black, conservative woman, she isn’t really a person to them and her “intersecting identities” don’t rank at all on the oppression hierarchy.

Now imagine, for a minute, that someone said something like this on Fox News. The Media Matters machine would immediately run into high gear pushing for boycotts on social media and contacting advertisers to leave the network or be forever labeled as racist.

Is he implying that black people are some sort of trained seals or a “minstrel show” of some sort for white people?! Well, that seems a wee bit reductionist and a whole lot racist, doesn’t it? Or is he perhaps admitting his own attempt at “performing” race?

Always distrust people who assert their right to speak for an identifiable group based on immutable characteristics. There will always be some segment that will shout back, “You don’t speak for me!”

By the way, expect to see more of Dyson. He’s currently trying to hawk his new book, “Entertaining Blackness” which discusses how black people were “forced to entertain white people in slavery, have been forced to entertain the idea of race from the start, and must find entertaining ways to make race an object of national conversation.”

His target audience seems to be “woke” leftists who seem to be convinced that black people have it harder in America now than they did under slavery or segregation.

Dyson appeared on The View earlier on Thursday to talk about Critical Race Theory in education and that it isn’t being taught in K-12, nor is it being “smuggled in” under the table (although, because it’s being taught to teachers and is used as a “framework” for social studies classes, it clearly is)… but also that “discomfort is a critical tool to make people learn.” He says that he tries to make all students “uncomfortable” with their “inherited ignorance” on race.

While he moderated his comments when talking to the coven of harpies on The View, that’s not generally how Dyson rolls.

He’s called Trump supporters “maggots” on an MSNBC segment earlier this year and was forced to apologize. Interestingly, at the beginning of the segment, Nicole Wallace brought up Matt Gaetz’s alleged sexual impropriety that was unrelated to the discussion but didn’t address Dyson’s recent MeToo allegation. It was just weeks after Dyson had quietly left his tenured position at Georgetown University after the university conducted an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made by a young, female student against Dyson. That must’ve been an oversight on Wallace’s part.

Dyson also said in 2018 that Dr. Jordan Peterson is a “mean, mad white man” during a debate about whether political correctness is in opposition to free speech.

In Dyson’s opening debate statement, he was stunningly racist against white men.

Peterson and his fellow debater, the incomparable Stephen Fry, won the debate.

Dyson wasn’t this overt in his criticism of Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal, by the way.

Right-wingers were quick to point out that Dyson has done this sort of thing before.

Houck is right. Here is Dyson last year saying the same thing about Daniel Cameron.

This is Dyson’s thing and, frankly, it’s probably what got him invited onto Reid’s show. Birdbrains of a feather and all that.

Dyson is like one of those old-style dolls where you’d pull the string and it would say a prerecorded phrase. Unfortunately, his string seems to be stuck on denouncing white people.

Dyson said the same thing about Kanye West’s black mouth expressing “white, racist ideals.”

It’s completely racist to tell people that they have to have certain views based on their race, and Dyson would realize that if the roles were reversed.

If you can believe it, Dyson actually went further with his criticism when talking about Clarence Thomas comparing him to a Jew who worked with the Third Reich.

Geez… it kinda seems like Dyson is the “mean” and “mad” one.

It’s this very sort of rampant anti-white racism that is going to tear this country apart.

This is exactly the sort of racism that caused parents in Virginia to rally around Glenn Youngkin.

Right-wingers on Twitter condemned Dyson’s rant:

Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia said, “These ‘anti-racists’ are proudly, boldly racist. Gross.”

Colin Wright, editor of Quillette, said that the ideology behind Dyson’s statements is “unbelievably insidious.”

Political consultant and commentator, Ryan Girdusky bashed that Dyson said some ideas that are what America is built on are “white” ideas.

MSNBC constantly points to “racism” on Fox News, but there’s nothing anywhere near this bad on that network points out Brian Reidl of the Manhattan Institute.

Even some on the left took issue with this segment.

The very interesting self-described progressive, Zaid Jilani — who may have more in common with many Trump supporters than most RINOs do — asked if Reid and Dyson can’t see their own racism.

Podcaster and producer at Freethink, Kmele Foster, said that this kind of thinking is more akin to religious fundamentalism than free thinking.

Becket Adams of The Washington Examiner blasted the network for not denouncing it immediately, but he also had another critique that is worth noting.

Seriously, how is this man a professor?!

He’s a shameful, racist disgrace and a prime example of why academia is losing it’s gloss with the masses.

Well, it’s probably safe to say that after a guest like that, it looks like an “honest discussion” between Winsome Sears and MSNBC’s Joy Reid has officially been rebuffed.

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