WATCH: Stelter Stunned Into Silence As Guest Melts Mendacious Media

Written by Wes Walker on November 8, 2021

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This isn’t the first time Brian Stelter has invited someone smarter onto his show, only to get smacked in the head with reality. The poor guy must really love the abuse.

Most people, in general, are smarter than he is. It’s not like he can have Jim Acosta be his only guest.

But normally, the guests who are invited onto CNN are polite (or duplicitious) enough not to embarrass their hosts by showing them up. They usually curb some of those more embarrassing tendencies, like honesty.

Batya Ungar-Sargon tried to be a little bit polite, and pull her punches against CNN at least a little, making most of the weight fall on their competitor over at MSNBC, but even someone as dense as The Potato couldn’t avoid feeling called out by the content of what she was saying.

Keep an eye on his body language as he looks for a way to preserve whatever shred of dignity he thinks the network that was dumb enough to rehire Toobin back might actually have.

His guest, the deputy opinion editor of Newsweek, is making the point that the media elites are exposing themselves as blind to the real issues by claiming everything and anything comes down to a question of white supremacy.

In answering Stelter’s question about the elections, she is making the claim that election coverage is working as a great ad for her book that just came out a couple of weeks ago, ‘Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy’.

Her thesis is that much of the argument about ‘woke-ness’ is actually rooted in differences of class.

‘We are hiding a class-divided America. We are hiding the just disgusting levels of income inequality in America, and we are hiding the total dispossession of the working class of all races by focussing on a very specialized academic language around race, and I think that Glen Younkin’s victory was a perfect example of this. The media’s response to Youngkin’s victory is literally the reason that he won.

[After Potato objected, she continued, giving CNN a little bit of a free pass, she turns her guns on MSNBC…]

You see host after host after host on MNSBC saying ‘this is a victory for white supremacy, right? ‘White supremacy wins again’; racism wins again when, you know, the Lt. Gov that Youngkin won with will be the first black woman to hold that job; when Glen Younking managed to flip majority-black districts; when he managed to get between 40 and 50 percent of latino voters, are all of those people white supremacists? Of course they’re not! They’re people who are worried about #1 the economy, right? And #2 schooling.

And it seems to be that it’s such a self-own to tell people who are worried about the economy that this is white supremacy. You are essentially criminalizing the views of working class Americans. And you saw the same thing with the conversation around Critical Race Theory, right?

You saw all of these pundits being like ‘these people don’t know what Critical Race Theory is’ that is not a political statement. That is a CLASS statement. They are not educated enough to be opposed to Critical Race Theory, how dare they oppose it?

She may have been polite about it, and tried to give them a bit of a pass. But the FACT is that this is CNN’s entire schtick, and always has been.

This is nothing new.

Even that infamous ‘very fine people’ quote is traced back to a question asked by CNN employee Jim Acosta.

Everyone at CNN lined up behind the lie that Trump supported white supremacists in that famous quote in Virginia. It was even framed as THE keystone issue that justified Biden’s run for office and supposedly motivated him to throw his hat in the ring.

It wasn’t just CNN framing every story with an angle toward ‘racism’, The New York Times did the same thing. Other media outlets either got the same marching orders, or just saw an opportunity to hurt a political rival and just fell in step. LEAKED: New York Times Staff Meeting Reveals The NEW Plan On How To Cover President Trump

But long before the media had colluded to run with endless race-baiting, Acosta had no narrative to protect, and so he was free to tweet the truth:

Funny how you never heard him discredit the Big Lie being told about Trump’s supposed support of white supremacists in all the years that followed. If anything, he helped perpetuate it.

Sites like ours have been shining the truth on that lie… but other voices have been much louder.

But if this conversation with Stelter is any indication, the race card has been badly overplayed. That lie doesn’t have nearly power over the public it used to have.

With the power of the lie fading, reality is finally biting these people in the backside.

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