26 Illegals From Russia Caught Crossing Biden’s Broken Border … Is That ‘Russian Collusion’?

Written by Wes Walker on December 15, 2021

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Either there are serious and dangerous threats in the world from which the country needs to be protected, or there are not. Joe can’t have it both ways.

While Joe pretends to be (reluctantly) enforcing the Remain In Mexico policy that courts have ordered him to enforce, there continues to be a steady stream of people waltzing into America across an undefended border, unopposed by those whose job it is to defend it.

Here’s just one example of many we could post to support that claim.

This isn’t a boots-on-the-ground issue, this is a policy directive straight from the White House.

The Border Patrol reported about 2,600 from over 30 countries have been encountered by agents after having crossed the border illegally. This follows an emergency declaration from Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls in response to the situation, which he said started to ease Friday.

…Nicholls’ emergency declaration, issued Dec. 9, said that ”a significant number of migrants are entering the Yuma area and federal agency personnel are struggling to manage the flow of migrants in the community and at federal facilities. Within the last five days, there have been reports of over 6,000 migrants crossing from Mexico into the United States traveling through the Yuma area.

”The U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports the number of migrant encounters have increased by 2,647% since Oct. 1.” — NewsMax

The reason Kamala has been ignoring the border itself is that she claims to be focused on ‘root causes’ driving those poor and desperate peasants from South America to seek refuge in America.

Does the following quote sound like a problem involving starving peasants from the Northern Triangle?

Illegal entrants have become so emboldened they have started crashing through and ignoring authority at the ACTUAL border crossings.

Three vehicles piled with Russian illegal immigrants made a run at the U.S. border on Sunday, drawing gunfire from a Homeland Security officer.

A Mercedes and a Ford SUV rushed toward the San Ysidro border crossing at a high rate of speed, and a Customs and Border Protection officer who was walking among the cars awaiting entry fired at the Mercedes, the government said.

The bullets didn’t wound anyone, but the Mercedes crashed into the Ford and two people in the Mercedes were injured, CBP said Tuesday.

Officers found 18 Russians among the two vehicles.

At the same time, a Dodge Durango traveling in a different lane and going with the flow of traffic was also stopped and officers found eight more Russian illegal immigrants.

That makes 26, if you add them up. That’s a lot of Russians showing up on our border unannounced. Didn’t Biden tell us that Russia is a serious threat we need to be protected from?

We’re seeing a lot more than just some starving families from Guatamala, Hondouras, or El Salvador crashing our borders.

And the root causes obviously are NOT what the ‘Brandon’ Administration talking points tell us they are.

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