Animated Video Shows ‘Reimagined’ Disney Ride — ‘It’s A Woke World After All’

Written by Wes Walker on December 1, 2021

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Woke Disney corp just got punched in the face with its own fist. It’s being lampooned by an animated short and their park’s own theme song. You’re gonna love this.

Old Walt wouldn’t begin to recognize the anti-American Frankenstein’s monster his creation has morphed into just a few decades after his passing. Walt, after all, was the living embodiment of the American dream being equally available to whosoever dared to risk it all and chase his dream. He once said:

“Tomorrow will be better as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life.” – Walt Disney

Perhaps it’s better he didn’t live to see a day when so much of the country — including the company he himself built — was hellbent on destroying the very system that made his story possible.

With Disney quickly becoming a Communist-party-lapdog that jumps on any policy promising to tear down what was best about the America he knew and loved, we suspect old Walt might agree with this criticism of their corruption of the Happiest Place On Earth.

This 2-minute video pulls no punches, was well animated, and packs an awful lot of hard truth into its solid parody. Credit to Politizoid for the video, you can check out his other work here.

Here are the lyrics:

It’s a world of privilege, in boats that are cramped
Welcome to Disney’s re-education camp
So if your skin is white
It is time you’re contrite
It’s a woke world after all

It’s a woke world after all
It’s a woke, woke world

It’s a world of power, a world of fears
And we work long days to make souvenirs
Although millions have died
And the Uyghurs aside
It’s a woke world after all

It’s a woke world after all
It’s a woke, woke world

There is a land where you once lived free
as a capitalist pig of the bourgeoisie
We could eat ‘till we’re fat
and would vote Democrat
If we just get past that wall

It’s a woke world after all
It’s a woke, woke world

We’re all Marxists after all
It’s a woke world after all

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