Biden Could Avert War With The Stroke Of A Pen… But He Probably Won’t (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2021

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Putin has dreams of reconstituting the USSR, and Biden could stop the reconquest of Ukraine today if he wanted to, but he’ll never do it.

Putin has 175,000 troops lined up on the border, not to mention his tanks and other weapons of war. The despot who carved himself off a slice of Crimea and got away with it can hardly be said to be bluffing.

He did NOT march on the capital and take the whole country last time. Why? Because Ukraine had leverage it could use against him. Leverage that is now in imminent danger of being permanently taken off the table.

Remember that Nordstream 2 oil pipeline that Democrat lobbyists have been pushing Biden to reinstate? RUSSIAN INFLUENCE: Ted Cruz Blasts Dem Senators For Taking Big Dollars From Putin’s Pipeline Lobby

If that pipeline is mothballed and prevented from going online, Putin might think twice about invading Ukraine.

Europe imports a helluva lot of energy from Russia, and right now, the only way it gets there is by flowing through Ukraine. If Russia does something stupid, it would be a smart play on Ukraine’s part to shut it down. Nordstream 2 gives them a workaround that bypasses Ukraine entirely.

During the Trump administration, Ted Cruz got bilateral support for sanctions against Nordstream 2. Work was 90% completed, but it stopped cold on the same day sanctions were signed into law by Trump. And when did work resume? Four days after Joe took office. He waived those sanctions. Biden can instantly reinstate them and block the certification process from going ahead.

After royally roasting Jimmy Kimmel, Ted Cruz on his podcast ‘The Verdict’ explains the ins and outs of what’s going on with the pipeline, and how a stroke of the pen could probably avert disaster.

Will he stop Putin from bringing Nordstream 2 online? Well, he hasn’t yet. And tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

He tried to call Trump ‘Putin’s puppy’ during those debates. But we’ll know soon enough who’s really Putin’s bitch and who isn’t.

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