ICYMI: Chappelle’s Hilarious Scorching Of Smollett Aged Like A Fine Wine (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2021

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Let’s roll back the clock two years. Trump was still president, and the media had just lost their minds boo-hooing over Smollett’s personal tragedy, while dog-piling over the Covington kids.

And then, the smoke started to clear and it became increasingly obvious to everyone not working in the media that Smollett’s hoax was a bad joke that powerful people too super-seriously.

That kind of industrial-grade horse-s#^! makes great fodder for a comic like Dave Chappelle. And so he did what few people had the guts to do in the 4 years of the Trump presidency. He told jokes at the expense of *gasp* a Democrat favorite!

Wouldn’t you know… it was drop-dead funny.

Now that ‘French actor, Juicy Smoll-eh’ has officially gotten his ass kicked in a court of law, the jokes he made back then are even better.


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