BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Texas Turns Up Heat In Pushing Back Cartels And Illegal Entry

Written by Wes Walker on December 7, 2021

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Since Biden and Harris are busy encouraging illegal activity at the border, any state wanting their own interests protected has no choice but to step up themselves.

Texas is taking steps to do just that.

Texas started by sending the National Guard to the border.

It has taken Biden to court over and over for different aspects of their immigration policy failures.

It has commissioned the building of those parts of the wall that Biden refused to complete.

And now, there are boats in the water ready to turn away rafts and smugglers.

It’s a start.

If he’s smart, Abbott will go farther and implemement some of what Lt. Col West has been pledging to do to fix Biden’s Broken Border.

If he’s NOT smart? Conservatives in Texas might see fit replace him with someone who will. Someone like the guy whose idea it was in the first place.

ALLEN WEST: Pledges To Defend Texas From Cartel ‘Invasion’ Using SPECIFIC Constitutional Powers

It just so happens that Lt. Col West is running in the Gubernatorial primaries.

If someone wanted to know more, they could go find out about his campaign at West4Texas.

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