George Floyd’s BLM Activist Nephew Charged With Felony Harassment For Trying To Intimidate Judge

Written by K. Walker on December 7, 2021

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BLM activist and nephew of George Floyd has once again crossed the line in demanding transparency in the justice system.

You may recall Cortez Rice from a video that was circulating online during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse where he claims that BLM activists were in the courtroom monitoring the case and taking photographs of the jurors.

The man seems to have been quite busy in the month of November.

On November 6, he and a group of BLM protesters gathered in front of an apartment building in an attempt to intimidate Hennepin County District Court Judge Regina Chu, who is presiding over the Kim Potter trial in Minneapolis. Potter has been charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Duante Wright at a traffic stop in April.

As a refresher, it appears that the former officer had intended to reach for her taser.

The shooting of Wright occurred at a time when tensions were already high in Minneapolis because of the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who had his knee on George Floyd in that now-famous video.

And now, in a weird quirk of coincidence that is stranger than fiction, the nephew of Floyd is being charged with a felony for attempting to harass the judge that will be presiding over the trial of Kim Potter which will be heard in the same courtroom where Derek Chauvin was convicted.

Cortez Rice, 32, of Minneapolis, is charged with felony harassment, aggravated violations and tamper with juror, retaliate against judicial officer in connection to a Nov. 6 protest at an apartment building he and other demonstrators believed to be where Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu lives.

Rice was taken into custody on Nov. 30 after Wisconsin State Patrol pulled him over for speeding on a freeway, court records show. He was allegedly operating without a valid driver’s license and is not expected to make his initial court appearance in Waukesha County, Wisconsin until Dec. 30.
Source: Fox News

The coincidences keep mounting — with the connection to Waukesha, where a BLM-supporting, domestic terrorist with black supremacist leanings mowed over more than 60 people during a Christmas parade two days after the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict was announced.

It’s unclear if the door that Rice stood in front of belonged to Judge Chu.

Rice had posted the video to YouTube, but it has been taken down.

Here is a copy that is circulating online:

A Minneapolis crime watchdog account on Twitter posted about Cortez Rice and other BLM activists trying to intimidate Judge Chu.

According to the Daily Mail, Rice doesn’t think that showing up to protest outside a judge’s apartment, then gaining entry to the building and going up to her door saying that he was “waiting for the gang to get up here” was an attempt to intimidate.

[Rice] last month denied trying to scare the judge.

‘I don’t know why people are saying I was there to intimidate her or anything because that wasn’t the case,’ he told the paper.

‘I just made a live video on it and I was just there to make sure she can hear us.’
Source: Daily Mail

It should be noted that Rice is a convicted felon.

Still, somehow, he was considered some sort of “advocate” according to the Hennepin County Library despite attempting to intimidate a judge and shooting a gun outside of a club… which violated his probation after a 2017 conviction for illegal weapons possession.

Wow! That Rice is a real stand-up guy!

Weirdly enough, it was Judge Chu that allowed him to remain on probation instead of sending him to jail.

About a month before the incident, Rice had appeared before Chu on Oct. 4 after allegedly violating his probation following a 2017 conviction for illegal weapons possession. Court records show the judge at that time ruled to allow Rice to continue probation instead of sending him back behind bars.
Source: Fox News

Judge Chu probably wants to go back in time and change that October 4 decision, don’t you think?

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