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BIG LIAR: Stacey Abrams Keeps Pushing ‘Big Lie’ About Georgia Election

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Seriously? Raising questions about specific 2020 election irregularities is ‘misinformation’ and ‘the big lie’, but Stacey Abrams can push this crap with impunity?

Stacey Abrams is one of those uncanny examples of Democrats ‘failing up’. After having her ass kicked in Georgia’s Gubernatorial elections, she cried foul, with the unblinking backing of the bobblehead media flunkies.

She leveraged that lie into an election reform movement and is now taking another shot at the Governor’s title. As part of her campaign, she went somewhere conspiracies are welcomed with open arms… to Rachel Maddow’s show. Maddow, who is a rabid partisan but not stupid, asked her the obvious question.

Her answer invoked the very thing our media loves to call, deliberately invoking Hitlerian language, ‘The Big Lie’.

Fresh off announcing another bid for governor in 2022, Abrams was asked Thursday to address her refusal to concede in the face of the election fraud claims that beset the 2020 contest and has a wide swath of Republicans losing trust in the process.

Abrams told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that she spent more than 10 years in the Georgia Legislature and worked hard to combat Kemp’s “egregious and aggressive voter suppression activities” during his time as Georgia secretary of state before they faced off in 2018, and on the night of Nov. 16 she “acknowledged” she would not be governor and that Kemp had “won the election.”

That was 10 days after Election Day when she delivered what was billed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a “non-concession speech” in which she said, “I will not concede because the erosion of our democracy is not right,” even as she acknowledged there was no “viable” path forward and that Kemp would be certified the winner. During remarks in the intervening years, she has claimed she won the election. — Washington Examiner

Sure would be a shame if there was some kind of evidence to catch the Big Liar trying to revise history now that undermining confidence in an election is a political faux pas, wouldn’t it?

Oh look!

She goes on to explain the ‘nuance’ of her answer in words that sound surprisingly similar to the objections being raised by Trump supporters at those Stop The Steal Rallies between November and January of last year.

Of course, when Trump supporters complain, they point to specific objections where things went wrong, like changes to voter law by those with no power to make those changes, or Zuckerberg dumping hundreds of millions into government offices in blue areas of battleground states, specific data points in the tabulation, problems with authenticating mail-in voting, and evidence of ballots being scanned multiple times.

But Stacey Abrams?

She loses a state by tens of thousands of votes and claims that there was some kind of conspiracy of massive disenfranchisement.

If Democrats want to be consistent, they need to admit that the allegation they claim is ‘disqualifying’ for Trump because it ‘undermines democracy’ is just as disqualifying when someone on their side does it.

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Wes Walker

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