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Cathedral Replaces Historical Stained Glass Window With Black Female Bishop Wearing LGBT Sash

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Pope Francis, left-leaning as he is, recently called out the trend of secular colonialism. Here is another example of that trend in action.

The secular left can see systematic this, oppressive that, and colonial something else behind every bush and lurking under every bed. They just can’t see their own brand of supremacy, because they are blind to it.

If they had heard and understood what Jesus meant about pulling the (log, beam, plank) out of your own eye before trying to remove the (speck, mote, splinter) out of someone else’s, maybe they would have been able to spot their own supremacist tendencies.

In their eagerness to remove a ‘tainted history’ which included a window featuring Washington, Lincoln, and Lee, a Methodist church that was built in 1960 took down that window and found another person to feature in its place.

The obvious solution for a cathedral might have been to draw inspiration from the Bible as so many other stained glass images in Churches do. This was NOT the direction they chose to go.

Instead, they sifted through a list of 50 names, settling on a female black bishop wearing an LGBT sash. She was not actually wearing that sash in the photo that first inspired that image. It was an artistic embellishment and part of the message.

Here is the window they took down.

The image features George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and General Lee.

In today’s climate, any reference to the losing side of the Civil war will be viewed as sympathetic to the defense of slavery. But the Methodist Church, in particular, had been a strong voice in favor of the union side. The denomination had suffered a split in the 1840s over the contentious issue of slavery. A century later, with that decision decided, and the generation that fought over it long since dead and buried, the denominations reunited in 1939.

While there is no mention of the reason these three men, in particular, were chosen to be represented in that window, it is not difficult to imagine it had something to do with the manner in which Lincoln and Lee were able to lay aside their wartime animosities to bring a broken nation together again. In that sense, Washington, as well as Lincoln/Lee, might signify two new beginnings in American history.

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural invoked the phrase ‘malice toward none, with charity for all’.

General Lee in his last official act, used his authority to issue the 9th General order in which he called his men to peaceably lay down their arms and return to their homes.

And Lincoln’s final public speech — the one for which Boothe murdered him — included this key phrase showing his attitude to the wayward states of the Union:

We all agree that the seceded States, so called, are out of their proper relation with the Union; and that the sole object of the government, civil and military, in regard to those States is to again get them into that proper practical relation. I believe it is not only possible, but in fact, easier to do this, without deciding, or even considering, whether these States have ever been out of the Union, than with it. Finding themselves safely at home, it would be utterly immaterial whether they had ever been abroad. Let us all join in doing the acts necessary to restoring the proper practical relations between these States and the Union; and each forever after, innocently indulge his own opinion whether, in doing the acts, he brought the States from without, into the Union, or only gave them proper assistance, they never having been out of it.

Might it be fairly speculated that a denomination that had split over this very issue of slavery might see in these men an example of how to stitch a severed union back together again, despite their differences?

Here is the window that replaced it.

In a very immediate and short-sighted sense, there is a certain logic to the choice. Especially for a denomination that has made a hard shift in the direction of liberalism.

‘As we started working through the names, one just kept rising to the top, because of our connection to the person and their connection to Boise,’ he said. ‘And that’s Bishop Leontine Kelly.’

…’Her life is a culmination of many generations in the Methodist Church,’ he said.

‘She was a daughter of a Methodist pastor, sister of a Methodist pastor, she married a Methodist pastor and she’s the mother of Methodist pastors.

‘That’s a unique legacy, and we’re honored to see her memory in stained glass.’

The former window featuring the three historical leaders is now being held at the Idaho Black History Museum.

The window is being preserved to continue to educate people on the country’s history. — DailyMail

Here is why it matters.

In an effort to show just how far they had moved from old, discarded prejudices, they have begun the calcifying of new ones.

A conscious choice was made to elevate a black woman who prominently displayed a sash with a political message.

Whatever your view of the role of women in leadership, the fact that the person depicted manages to check every relevant ‘identity’ box including an explicit and permanent proclamation of her position on LGBT issues is a messaging decision.

Politics has become central to the message of this group that had once been centered around a very different message.

It’s an echo of the same problem we saw with Obama. He declared himself to be, in some sense, a Christian President. He expressed horror and outrage when a terrorist organization kidnapped those schoolgirls in Nigeria.

But when the rubber hit the road, Obama’s true priorities won out.

“Ever since Jonathan declined support for same-sex marriage in Nigeria, Obama refused to sell arms to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram. He tacitly supported [President Muhammadu] Buhari and never stepped his foot in Nigeria,” he said. (Read more here)

Secularism is every bit the totalizing colonial force as any other kind of supremacist movement. It hijacks institutions and pressures them to conform to values set by outsiders who preach an unflinching dogma that demands conformity.

It just pretends to be more polite about it than some other authoritarians.

Here is the better hope they once proclaimed.

Methodists have a proud and rich history. Their founder was no less than John Wesley. Who was John Wesley?

He was a preacher that changed history. Since the topic of slavery has come up, let us state for the record that he was strongly opposed to it, knowing that is not what he is best remembered for.

Wesley also attracted criticism for his early rejection of slavery. He was an ardent abolitionist.”Liberty is the right of every human creature, as soon as he breathes the vital air; and no human law can deprive him of that right which he derives from the law of nature.” “Thoughts Upon Slavery,” (1774). — BiographyOnline

His work in changing the hearts and minds of England was even credited by one unbelieving historian as averting a Civil War in England like the one that ripped France apart. But if establishing an organization that rides the current of political opinion was all he was remembered for, Wesley would count that established work an abject failure.

Wesley had a singular burning passion, one thing that kept him pressing on.

” I look on all the world as my parish; thus far I mean, that, in whatever part of it I am, I judge it meet, right, and my bounden duty, to declare unto all that are willing to hear, the glad tidings of salvation. ” – Journal (11 June 1739)

Wesley became one of the most prolific preachers and travellers of all time. He continually travelled around the country, offering sermons where-ever people would receive him. If he was invited to speak in a church he would, if not he would speak in the open air. It is estimated by Stephen Tomkins that he “rode 250,000 miles, gave away 30,000 pounds, . . . and preached more than 40,000 sermons. — BiographyOnline

Wesley offered a message of hope to a lost and dying generation. The hope of a God who went to the cross to defeat sin and open a way for those who believe in Him to live a life empowered by His Spirit.

Those who built this window present a very different ‘gospel’. The god they offer conforms to culture, celebrates sin, and gives nothing that a lost and dying world can’t already get without his help.

Is it any wonder the Apostles gave such strict warnings against false teachers?

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