Col West Fish-Slaps Gov Abbot For Failed Leadership In National Guard Vax Mandate

Written by Wes Walker on December 9, 2021

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Abbott has taken some solid stands defending Texas against Biden’s failures to do the same. But that’s a really low bar for measuring success. How ’bout measuring it against a real leader?

Biden has been throwing his weight around using authority (whether he has it or not) to fire people who do not get the vaccine.

This has been seen by some as a slick way to take one-party ideological control of the leadership and culture of any institution willing to implement it on its employees.

Governor Abbott may have eventually gotten around to taking action to begin stemming the heavy flow of illegal aliens and contraband smugglers pouring across the border but there are other areas in which his failures to use the lawful authority of his office to protect Texans is alarming.

Here is Lt. Col. West’s press release addressing Abbott’s failure to protect the rights of the Texas National Guard:

Governor Abbott is the commander of the Texas National Guard and under his leadership he is allowing vaccine mandates to take effect in June 2022. He is kowtowing to federal overreach and not standing up for liberties of Texans who have stood up to serve the Lone Star State.
To add insult to injury, soldiers who are not currently vaccinated will have their drill pay withheld. This is another sick maneuver to force a vaccine on Texans who have the right to make their own medical decisions. Forcing Texans to choose between their livelihood and forced vaccination is wrong, and the Governor’s tolerance of this action and failure to act speaks volumes.

The Governor cannot blame President Biden for this mandate. As Governor of Texas, he is well within his authority to stop the medical overreach from occurring. Since the Texas National Guard is not currently under Title 10 or 32 orders, it is not under federal authority. The buck, instead, stops at the Governor’s office. Blaming the Biden administration for the mandate and wringing one’s hands is not a policy decision that a principled leader would take.

Lt. Col. West stated:

“It is highly disturbing that our Texas National Guard members are being ordered — mandated — to take a COVID shot. Unless on active-duty orders, the Commander-in-Chief of the Texas National Guard is the Governor, not Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

It is an unlawful, unethical, and immoral order to mandate, not for deployment purposes, that service members of the Texas Military Department receive this inoculation, especially when it wasn’t mandated for the invading hordes of illegal immigrants. As Governor of Texas, I will defend our Texas Military forces from this onerous and intrusive violation of the sovereignty of Texas.

If it’s about the lives and health of my soldiers, I would go through hell with a can of gasoline.”

As someone who has served in the military, West knows a commander should always have his troops back. The failure of Abbott to protect the Texas guard reveals not only his lack of commitment to Texans who are serving our state, but a lack of commitment to protecting the entire Lone Star State.

To learn more about Lt. Col West’s primary campaign, or to get involved visit West For Texas.

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