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Crime Skyrockets In The Big Apple But NYPD Is Busy Checking For Vaccine Passports (VIDEO)

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The Big Apple has become a big joke as it becomes more and more dangerous to walk the streets, but police are being deployed to enforce vaccine mandates in indoor settings.

A couple of videos have gone viral on Twitter on Monday and early Tuesday, the first is a video of quite a number of New York’s finest harassing a family with a small child because only the vaccinated are permitted to eat indoors in NYC — even if it is winter.

Watch as this young boy is reduced to tears when he realizes that he won’t be able to have a nice dinner out with his family over the holidays.

Guess what this kid doesn’t want to grow up to be?

On Monday night, independent journalist Leeroy Johnson posted several videos of a group of protesters opposed to vaccine mandates who were arrested for walking into a Burger King and refusing to “show their papers.” While it’s likely that the majority in the protest were unvaccinated, that’s not confirmed. There are many vaccinated individuals who simply oppose the government’s overreach in instituting vaccine mandates.

While the NYPD has been tasked to harass Burger King patrons and frighten young children eating at a restaurant, a Crime Stoppers video of an elderly woman being dragged by her cane by a purse-snatcher also went viral.

Long Island newspaper Newsday reports that NYC is closing out 2021 with a bang — some of the worst crime stats in years. Crime had been in decline for some time, but reversed in 2020 when many Democrats implemented cuts to the budgets of police departments in the name of “equity” and “social justice” and instituted new “bail reform” rules.

New York City is on track to close out 2021 with some of the worst crimes statistics seen in years, including those for homicide and shootings, according to a Newsday analysis of the latest NYPD data.

After years of steady decline in serious crimes, the situation reversed in 2020. In 2021 it further deteriorated to the point where the total for all such offenses — including robbery, felony assault, rape and grand larceny — passed 100,000 for the first time since 2016 and is likely to total more than 103,000.

In the cases of homicides and shootings, the numbers through Dec. 26 went above what was recorded in 2020, a year in which killings increased by nearly 50% and shootings went up nearly 100%. So far in 2021, homicides total more than 480, compared to 468 in the prior year, an increase of about 2.5%. Shootings were at 1,546, up 2% from a record surge in 2020. At their current pace, shootings are expected to hit 1,580, a level not seen since 2003.
Source: Newsday

The New York Post highlighted some of the most notorious (and sometimes violent) repeat offenders who are out on the streets because of the asinine “bail reform” laws in NYC. When paired with lenient judges and soft, “progressive” District Attorneys, this is what’s leading to the rapid increase in crime.

Among the criminals profiled are known gangbangers, a shoplifter that hit the same Walgreens 37 times this year alone, a homeless man who broke into a home and rubbed his genitals on a 10-year old girl while she was asleep after repeated arrests for burglary, a 32-year old with more than a dozen priors who was back on the streets after allegedly shoving an Asian NYPD officer onto Queens subway tracks, and several others who are just as charming.

But remember, we’ve got to keep our priorities straight.

New York’s Finest are on the job protecting the citizens of the gravest threat that they face — the unvaccinated grabbing a burger.

Great work, everyone!

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